Friday, May 10, 2013



           Throwing Hearts

I know I'm a bit late, but I've been bothered by some personal and silly issues that I'm not willing that much to discuss with my online diary~ it's not serious serious, but I guess my feelings are?? I don't know..the main point is scrolling last night and reading about Infinite's sasaeng fans who I did not know existed till now...followed up by today how I read at my Gyu-oppa's album being a failure when you search it on the net. First, things first it's awesome! Okay~ I'm not favoring him, because he's my oppa(we act the same and also my eyes are sorta like his LOL).

His voice, his notes just melted the feelings right through my heart, I know not all people can have the same kind of liking of music, but I have to give props for him for going SOLO, also the fact that he's gotten this far he deserves more that's all I'm saying. These songs were like they were meant for him! and only him alone...I really want everyone to know that this album is as good as Infinite H's album if I had money I would have bought it...So, please inspirits and people who don't know them yet~show support, this sin't a flop or's just pure'll get them next time!  Gyu-oppa :D


It's finally out and I have the full album(songs) of course hehe...I  love the song "Beautiful" and also one other one hehe sorry if I don't know the title's of the songs...but yes! I love love it hwhehee check it out or if you already are awesome ;)


Myungsoo(L), finally you get a photobook showcasing both your talent and hobby. EEEE Feel like splurging my parents money on this hahahahha...but seriously is it just me or Myungsoo's eyes doesn't look like Myungsoo at all....oh well hehehe anyway FIGHTING!! :3 

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