Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Hey panda's~!!

I know it's been awhile and trust it's been awhile....I've been through some ups and downs that mostly concentrated on my personal views and feelings that was sorta hard to, instead of telling you guys and saving you the trouble of getting depressed yourself, I decided to not post about my feelings hahahha...but on the contrary that didn't stop me from having a Great Summer~! 

May 25, 2013.....the first ever Cosplay Event in hometown here in PH! So, let's stop wasting time and here's some pictures to take you along on my journey there hehehe  :D

My Outfit For The Day:

A bright baby yellow blazer, a black and white checkered tang, and also a sort of a neon blue skirt, and to top it off with a metallic silver and copper fish gilled necklace. I'm all ready..funny because I took this pic after the event haha

Start of the Events:

Before the program they had a mini parade around the was pretty cool how they all assembled. I felt like I reached anime world.

Did you spot Iron Man Patriot? 

The Prize:

See the little cement looking Iron Man helmet, they had like three of those babies sitting on the table..that was one of the main prizes...they wanted to buy like four hehe but they said they didn't have enough money >_<"

Waiting for the rest of the Cosplayers to show up...also hehe Inuyasha got stuck at the registry to get in, because he didn't have enough money so, it took him was pretty cool. I mean it was pretty expensive to register it cost 200 pesos and then just to sit in the audience and watch 100 pesos! Here are some HUH?!?!? Moments.. :))

Inuyasha caught reading the pamphlet, seriously...he must be really interested in it.

The 2nd or 3rd Hokage texting! wahaha right in front of me too!

Running For Best Chibi Cosplay:

Gaara's Runway Act. Amazingly, the kid did really look like Gaara!

Little girl with an awesome costume, but don't know which anime she is from.
Ain't she so cute

Look at the details O.O

Special Number: Psy- Gentleman

After that they played a little bit of "Name That Anime Song!" and interviewed some of the Cosplayers like final Fantasy dude and Iron Man Patriot.

Giyomi Challenge!
The following Cosplayers on top had to make their own version. 
The cheers were crazy!!! I was voting for the pink butterfly girl :) 
And my bestfriend, Nicole- was all in for the blue shy vocaloid cosplayer
(she's her favorite character there)

Going in between breaks to go buy from fries and soda at Jollibee, 
I came back to find myself watching the hosts making their own version of Gyiyomi too!
LOL the guys were funny, because they actually kissed each other on the cheek!
Meaning, the other two girl hosts lost hahaha Yaoi!

While the Cosplayers were getting themselves ready for their runway act, 
The performances by the hosts! Singing of course, in JAPANESE! 
They also had rad music like, K-On and Cardcaptor Sakura...I couldn't help but nod 
ring my arm and fists back and forth..while singing was like an actual concert heheh

Snack Break! Some really cute doughnuts~

I shared my fries and also my drink with my bestfriend, because she arrived late due some mishap with her shoes hahaha it actually ripped I, she had to wait for her Mom to bring her some shoes, then to repay me back she bought us some cute looking doughnuts! Mine was the white and black doggie and hers was the orange lion, I think???? heheh

Cosplay Runway Act!

Here's where all the cosplayers had to show off their was arranged though category like, there's gonna be a bunch of girls walking in one by one and all for the category of "Best Female Cosplayer" 
Without further a do here they are:

She was the crowd favorite! Her cosplay wasn't as great.

Her walk was over two minutes! ^o^  kekeke she didn't do well.

He's cool. I call him wallpaper because his chest his bared here so, you can see his "I think his six pack?" hahaha and you know how Nicole, doesn't like those kinds of things and so, I teased her a bit about making her wallpaper her and the guy's pic hehehe ^o^ hohohoho

My favorite in the Giyomi Challenge. :))

He was good as well..he sang his runway act, because he's from vocaloid. 
He sorta looks like Big Bro a.k.a. Kenneth-Oppa!?!?! 

She was really awesome and graceful! Definitely enjoyed watching her pose.

Final Fantasy dude. He was pretty nice actually and also, his runway was killer! 
I got scared from his music...I felt like somebody was gonna kill me out of nowhere and I'd have an heart attack...Nicole on the other hand was pumped by his runway. She's so weird hahaa 

Iron Man Patriot. When I first saw him I was like OMG OMG! I need a pic with you, sadly, he disassembled himself before I could...someday Someday we'll have a picture together! wahahahaha
BTW he actually glowed in the dark, how do I know it was obvious and there was like three brownouts while the event was going on. So, he looked like a star on top of a Christmas Tree hehe

I was pretty loud like, "YEAH!!!!!!" and "IRON MAN PATRIOT!",  and "WHOOO!!!"
Yeah I was that embarrassing heheheh

The 2nd or 3rd Hokage. He did the jutsu was pretty awesome.

Heheheh that's a guy! hahahah He was cross-dressing...but man I was so surprised at how much it actually looked good on him. The boobs...

This was so cute a chibi little something...I forgot his name came out and they started fighting..
Then all of a sudden the guy(crossdresser) took the little guy and put his head in between his boobs! it was EPIC! ^o^ hohoho Is it like that in Bleach?

She walked the runway too fast..I get the feeling she was shy.

I think this was a girl? But, during the long stage in the middle she ran! It was really ninja of her hhehehe

Original One Piece Dude.

Girl Version of the Original One Piece Dude, don't know if they are related or so??? 
But, it was cute hehe being matching..they looked like twins!

Axel something??? She had to walk go out on stage side wards because of her wings hehehe 

Inuyasha  ♥ 
He was pretty cool! Like really....I'm a big fan of Inuyasha and he got the character spot on!
He even did the....


Iron Man War Machine. His music was mostly guns and missiles firing.
It was pretty awesome, because he looked up and down and everywhere 
before he his whole armor started moving like, WHAT!!! I was caught off guard!
I mean I was digging the hardcore-ness  of it all that I actually screamed:
He looked at me..waving my hand around and shouting then shot me with a missile.
I'm not proud of it..but yes I was crazy enough to do that and even more crazy while I was there watching it.
Hehehe both Iron Man's looked at me..if I see Woohyun maybe I'll get his attention too hahahaha

CL? Is that you? hahahah

The Mario Twins(Girl Version) was really cute..esp their music :3

She sat down on stage then got up or at least tried too and everyone saw her panties. 
O.o wawawawawa 

Before and After Pics of the Runway Act~

I really like this picture hehe it shows off my outfit quite nicely.
Nicole(Right) and Me

As you can see my brother, Jarod also came with me..hehehe
It was more fun and awesome with them around! The pink cosplayer that's the one I was rooting for in the Giyomi challenge.

This picture is funny...because everyone commented on my Fb that I look more Japanese than the girl..

The boys with Inuyasha.

Me and Final Fantasy Dude.

Hhehehe the boys got a little shy when taking pictures with the Mario Twins.

While I was eating I gave my brother the iphone to take pictures of the runway acts..and this was the girl he kept on taking pictures of....Me and Nicole quickly scolded him! I don't like her..that's why I don't have a pic with her :P

This was cool! 
Dunno if this was Death Note?

Me with the One Piece Boy and Girl Version of whatever character it was.

See him leaning into me hahahaha that was because everybody just asked to take a picture with him without knowing the anime he came when I came up, I was like "One Piece can I take a picture with you?" and shouted out "finally..somebody who knows me!" hahaha it was an honor!

I don't know what anime this is..
maybe Paradise Kiss??? 
But, let me ask you this...Do I Fit In? hehehehe

Rukia(Left), Me, and Inuyasha(Right)
I Love These Two!

AHAHAAAH We saw a bunch of clowns and Nicole wanted to take a picture with them and they were pretty cool with it...except for one of them...because they felt like cosplayers hahahah

And, last but not the least..Kirito from SAO!

I was totally in shock when I saw him because you guys all know why....
Anyway, I was too shy to even ask to take a picture with him, but I kept on staring!!! 
So, I used my brother, Jarod to get close to him, I asked "Can I take a picture with you?"
And, he went into his pose and Jarod posed with him too...then we left..I went to go cool down and also find us a seat..then I went for it and I told my brother how to take the picture~!!

So, I asked him again.."Can I take a picture with you?" he sorta laughed then posed..I couldn't control my giggling or my cheeks from blushing soo hard! I thanked him then ran away the when I was a few meters away from him..I checked the cam and the picture came out like this. -_-

MY FACE. *facepalm*

In the end..I sorta through a tantrum and my Dad told me to go look for him and this time he would take the picture....this time for sure, I knew he was a bit annoyed or thought of me like a stalker even though I told him it was a blurry the first shot. My Dad took like 2 or 3 pictures of me and him...and the picture on top came out hehehe But still, I think I unconsciously  harassed him..hahahaha I know he may not as good looking, but when I saw him..I was just like "Kirito?....Is that you?" *o*

Some Extra Shots:

*I apologize if some of the pics were blurry or not as clear as the others, my Dad took the cam with him when he left for a meeting and I got stuck using his Iphone instead. -_-

Your's Truly. 

P.S. There's more to, I hope you enjoyed this entry :)) Gosh! I just noticed long I haven't been posting. Sorry, I've taken this long. ^_^


  1. Hello~
    thanks for blogging out our event :) we (Laguna Cosplay Team) are very grateful for your post. regarding to the registration we have the same price on registration and for getting inside which is 100 pesos only, not 200 :) we hope we can meet you in our next event and more power to your blogs ^^

    1. you :D

      Your very welcome.. I really enjoyed the event and I look forward to many more cosplay events in Laguna :)) Sorry about the whole registration misunderstanding hehe...I got my facts wrong. XP But, thank you for your comment and your support. :))

  2. "...I came back to find myself watching the hosts making their own version of Gyiyomi too!
    LOL the guys were funny, because they actually kissed each other on the cheek!
    Meaning, the other two girl hosts lost hahaha Yaoi!"



    1. Hello, Marlo :D

      Thank you for your advance! hehe... ^^ Yes. The guys were really funny and very entertaining....something different everyday! But, I didn't know they really kissed each other!! *O* Like Whaaaat~!!!! HAHA I just thought they faked it. I personally think the two lady hosts did better in the singing area..i really enjoyed their voice. :D YAOI!!! Never again XD

      Thank You Again :))


  3. We call it, brotherly love. Hehehe.