Wednesday, May 29, 2013

UPDATE: I've been busy preparing for college and going out...and finally after I enrolled, to be studying again has got me hyperactive and excited all at the same time and definitely not excluding nervousness and tendency to have some major freakouts which did happen on the day when I enrolled in school. Anyway, I got my class schedule and I'm trying to decide which background I should use....why not all of them hahaha but no really I need to's some of the decided background's I want to use...the contents of the schedule is a just a's in process of being made. :))

*Feel free to ask me about the pictures, like where did I get it or so :))

Also, there's nothing wrong with laminating your class schedule, right? I just don't want it to get crinkled or ruined in my bag and so, that I can see it clearly. But, my friend(a guy) jokingly said he'll get his schedule framed hahahaahha that meanie....oh well hehehe but it's too expensive too...eeeeee everything is so expensive nowadays~

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