Saturday, June 8, 2013

THREE YEARS WITH INFINITE: OMO~!!! I've been posting about Infinite non-stop today and been doing other stuff that included Infinite..that I never really took the time to say, "HAPPY 3 YEARS W/ MY INFINITE♥~!!!!" *throws hearts at the screen* "DAEBAK!!! SARANGHAE!!!! FIGHTING~!!!"


Though it's only been three years, my love for you is never-ending as they may say, it is INFINITE!
 I feel as though you have grown, You are not the same boys as we used to know, as you all have matured *coughs* Sungjong* 

Three years!, let's not waste our time for I want more years to be you and mine.
You're the best thing that I have ever laid my eyes on, and I still remember that faithful day,
High School, Fourth Year, On the bleachers....near the Computer Lab struggling to get Wifi and silence, from that dreadful classroom.

The first words..I ever heard you say more like sang...was "SHE'S BACK!!!" 
My heart literally took a step back and sank! All your handsome faces and gorgeous notes were just as perfect. I felt the laughter and fun altogether..just as every song you ever made. 
Who would have known that, that song, that one song would take a toll on my life! 
This is no joke nor a hoax...I'm really telling you the truth, without you I wouldn't be smiling here today.

I wouldn't be giggling or crying or even biting my lips unconsciously to myself in a matter of fact. Because, with you in my life...always makes me happy. Even when things are sad and just wrong, when I put on your song, Paradise. I really only see Paradise~ This world seems so cruel for I know I may not ever see person or in the flesh ahahaha...and posting my feelings here is just another..epic fail of a test to reach you.

 Let me just say this one more time...if you haven't hinted my message in my weirdly written poem.

INFINITE, (>////<") you're so mature now..let's continue on this journey, I thank you for bringing me along. I am very happy to be an Inspirit(as if it isn't obvious much...). I would like to see you someday..if there is any chance, one that would not require a contest please. (^_^") as I really suck at those you see.  But, no matter what...see you, don't see you...I am very happy and contented with just listening to your music everyday, (^o^)   Keep up the good work, I'm very proud of you, (=^_^=) and...I LOVE YOU...


Yours Truly, 

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