Friday, June 7, 2013

LOL: LOVE♥THIS: If Each Infinite Member Did A Solo Album

Pag nag ka solo album ang bawat myembro ng Infinite:

Sunggyu: (Album title) Infinite's Leader
Track list
1. I have eyes
2. Chu chu~ Don't call me hamster
3. I will LEAD you
4. Follow me.
5. Lazy Boy

Dongwoo: (Album title) Happy Boy
Track list
1. Kekekeke
2. Bueueueue
3. Bwahahah
5. Let's do the GAHAHAHA

Woohyun: (Album title) Stick to one
Track list
1. Liar
2. Oh how do you throw a heart baby
3. Greasy
4. Killing you with a wink
5. I love you. EVERYONE

Hoya: (Album title) Dance
Track list
1. Dance Machine
2. Dance Dance Dance
3. Macho Man
4. Derp
5. Perfect body

Sungyeol: (Album title) Choding ~
Track list
1. Choding moves
2. Choding in Love (remix)
3. Do you hear me?
4. 8 months doing nothing
5. Yes! baby I have lines now.

Myungsoo: (Album title) Visual
Track list
1. Landi
2. MyungJong
3. MyungYeol
4. MyungGyu
5. Woohyun , kabahan ka na. (acoustic)

Sungjong: (Album title) Pretty Boy
Track list
1. Lemon Candy chuu ~
2. Prettier than you
3. Sexier than you
4. I own my hyungs
5. Love song of a pretty lady

All credits go to : Infinite Tagalog Memes

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