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When I Fall In Love: Chapter 2- Oppa! Arrange Marriage?

L.A., U.S.A.

On A bright sunny cool day....Graduation Day has ended! And I am now twenty years old! I hopped in a plane at L.A.X. to go to Seoul, Korea.."It's been awhile since, I came home" thought. Someone calls out your name, "Hye Rim!!!!! We're gonna miss you..come back soon!!!!!" You see your friend, Mia waving goodbye..."I will too...Goodbye!!" You shout, but the engine of the plane cuts you off...Not flying high class you've gotten used to it. You've improved yourself than how you were five years ago.

You smile as you listen to Juniel's Fall in L you carefully know every word. Ll Hye Rim, daughter of Ll Gyu the second and Ll Hye Shin. Also the granddaughter of Ll Gyu of the Ll Company..which specializes in the clothing and bag industries.  I came to the U.S. five years ago to study for highschool and college as Omma and Appa wanted me too...Oppa helped me move in and lived with me till I was capable on my he is a very busy man. I am A graduated and certified Business woman, having the dream to someday to put up my own clothing store and go global. I have two deceased parents, one oppa, and GG. I'm finally coming back home you write in your diary with hearts and underlines everywhere.

Seoul, Korea

Landing in Seoul Airport, you are easily are escorted by two men in black suites...these men have been your escorts ever since you were fifteen. "Annyeong! Ajusshi'es!!!" You run to them and hug them each.."'ve grown up so much, mistress!" They each have a wide smile on their faces. One of them is on the verge of crying due to your long awaited arrival. "Where's Oppa? And GG?" You ask as you break the hug. "Well.....Mistress..."

"No need to explain...I was joking..I know that Oppa is always busy and GG only comes out if it's business. So, where are you taking me today?" You smile to make them feel better. "At Master Kim's place, Mistress." They take your bags and lead you into the black limousine. "WAAAH....this is too much! We could have just taken a taxi..." You looked uncomfortable as you experience once again the high class life. "Mistress, do you not remember that you have rode this everywhere you went before? Has it really been that long?" The driver feel bad that you just shake your head "Anni....I remember..." you turn to look at the window..."That's right. I'm Ll Hye Rim of the Ll family and company now, not just plain simple Hye Rim."

Cherry blossoms at every street, fashion forward pieces and cafe's everywhere you almost seem to have forgotten where you were going as time just stops. "Mistress..were here.." One of the ajusshi'es opens the door for you. "Ah...okay." You step out of the car and see nothing but a narrow paced sidewalk leading up to a mini apartment. "Umm...Ajusshi..Oppa leaves here now?" You close the door behind you. " see Mistress, while you were looking out the window..Master Kim had called me, telling me there was a  change of plans. That you are to live here for awhile." He scratches his he looks confused as you.

"I see....well just put my bags there, I'll go to the apartment myself...maybe Oppa is there." You smile like an idiot as you feel the excitement of seeing your brother after five years....they listen and went on their you walked up the narrow sidewalk to the stairs, its more complicated than you thought it was. "Whoo..." you shout...and wipe off your sweat mustache. You finally get to the top and open the door, it's beautiful and's like a doll house! You walk in and drop your bags on the floor.

"OPPA!!!!! HYE RIM IS HERE!!! OPPAAAAAAAA~" You run up and down..the place seems to isolated as no neighbors scold you for your yelling. You finally get tired and enter the last room...which is all in pink and has all your things in it. *Gasps* "My clothes and my old study table...Oppa...why did you do all of this??" Laying on your fall asleep after some heavy jetlag. When you woke up it was already noon and you decided to change into a loose long sleeve shirt and simple jeans.."Lets do this thing!" As you start to unpack your bags.

Getting back from work is, Ll Kim Sunggyu.. He is the adopted son of Ll Gyu the second and Ll Hye Shin(everyone knows he's adopted except for Hye Rim). He later changed his name to Kim Sunggyu, because he wanted to keep remembrance of his real family's name, Kim. When asked why he changed it...he told Hye Rim..that he really loved the name Kim, which she took as a sign as a remembrance to their parents. He is twenty five years old and is the leader of the Ll groups, Ll Company, and Ll Organization. ...

He sacrificed his dream to become a singer when his adopted parents died. He vowed to become Hye Rim's guardian and only family as he had to take over the company as GG threatened him he would tell Hye Rim that he really isn't he then her biological brother. He often sings with his bestfriend, but hides it due to GG calling it nonsense. The reason behind Hye Rim leaving for the U.S. five years ago is because of an agreement GG and Sunggyu had made. It was also rumored he was to get married, but later cancelled because GG did not approve of it. This only a few people know excluding Hye Rim.

"Hye Rim-ah~!!! Oppa is here! Kwenchanayo? Did you get home safe?" He yells as he takes off his shoes and slips into his slippers...carrying pizza boxes. The house is quiet...he checks every room..and sees no luggage no sign of Hye Rim anywhere...he pulls out his phone to call the drivers. "Ajusshi! Did you forget to pick up Hye Rim at the airport? Why isn't she here at the house!" He shouts. "Master called us earlier while we were driving her on the way to your house..and told us you had a change of plans."... "Bwoh?!" He hangs up then runs out to get into his car.

At Ll Gyu Mansion

"GG what is the meaning of this?!?! Why are you letting Hye Rim stay in a different place? Do you not want me to see her anymore?" He looks angry and twists and turns his head at the site of GG calmly drinking tea. "Answer me!"

"You brat..why are you getting angry? Didn't we agree that Hye Rim will get married once she turns wasn't to long ago that she had her birthday. She will be staying in another house apart from that she can live with her potential husbands."

"Bwoh! I knew we had this agreement..but I haven't told her yet...I was going to tell her a day after her arrival...why did you have to make things complicated! Guys? Who are they? You did not ask for my permission to do this! If they can live with her? Do you know the dangers your putting her in!?!?!"

Shouts from across the table "LOWER YOUR VOICE SUNGGYU!!! Don't you think your over-stepping...who are you for me to ask permission from...are you her real oppa? You should know your place! Besides...I've sent out the letters and they're on their way to her house. You're too late." Sunggyu walks out of the room "I am her oppa. And you should know your place too that I am her only family!" Slams the door behind. "Sir, should we stop him?"

"Anni...he will be the one to break the news to Hye's for the best...."

He walks into his car and stays there for awhile...then looses his tie as he takes out his phone. "Ajusshi...where did you drop off Hye Rim?"...."At the end of Gangnam...Master Kim...waeyo?"'s only dial tone he drove off already. Sunggyu, stopped to look at himself in the mirror "Tsch....Hye Rim will be disappointed if she sees me in work clothes again..I better go home and change." He arrived and changed into a simple shirt and cardigan and white pants....and went off with the pizza boxes he bought.

At your house...

You wash your hands "All Done!", suddenly hearing the growl of your stomach. "Ah!! I can't be hungry now..I don't know how to cook" You check the fridge which has only tea and milk inside. You can't go outside because you're not used to this neighborhood "Hmmm...omo! Pizza! That's it!" You grab your cellphone to call them. "This must be their number....Pizza" you sing to yourself.

You patiently wait for seconds, turning minutes when they finally came. The door bell rings..."Ah! Jinja! What took you guys so long?!?!?" You shout as you open the door. When you see three guys not dressed as the pizza delivery guy.. "Yah...what is this...Do you all have dates or something??? Why are dressed like that when your only going to deliver a pizza? I know Korea is fashionable but come on...this is too much...and does it take this many guys to deliver a pizza in the first place??" You cross your arms, looking for an answer...when they all just stare at one another then back to you.

"Were not here to deliver pizza....were looking for the house of Ll Hye Rim? Are you her?" The one in the purple shirt spoke. You look down at what they're holding and its luggage. You slowly look back at them...."Anni....I'm just a quiet neighbor who lives here...Hye Rim??? Is she a celebrity or something? Why are you looking for her?" were about to close the door on them when suddenly a hand stops the door from closing. "Yah..Ll Hye Rim!!!! Is that any way to welcome your guests?" You open the door again to see your Oppa holding two pizza boxes in his other hand.

"OPPA.....?????!!!!!!!!" You opened door wide open. Which hits Sunggyu's leg. "Ooohh.." the three men yell out of they watch Suggyu become a human dummy. "OH MY GOSH....Oppa kwenchanayo???? Are you hurt...I'm so sorry.." You help him get inside as he leaps. "Kwenchana...Hye Rim-ah, Annyeong!" He smiles as he sits on the sofa. You slap him on the leg...right where you hit him the last time ."Oppa...Annyeong? That's all you have to say?"

"Mianhe...I was..I wasn.....Can you close the door." He looks at the three men patiently waiting to be welcomed inside the house. You close the door tight and all three fall to the ground. "Eessh!!! These two siblings." The one wearing spectacles says. As, they all sit outside and start to talk.
Inside the house..

"Hye Rim-ah...Mianhe..I didn't get to pick you up at the airport.." He hugs you as you cry in front of him. "Teso..It's okay...I missed you..and GG and everyone.. it's been such a long time." You hug him tightly. Sunggyu's face is relived yet bothered by something. "Hye have to listen to me closely." He looks at you seriously..."Waeyo..Oppa? What's going on?"....."First we have to let those guys in...don't worry I'll explain everything."...."Waeyo???? Oppa?" You shout as he opens the door to let the three men inside. "All of you go unpack...pali pali!!!! Then come down afterwards for a formal introduction." Sunggyu orders them. They all listen and one of them seem to be covering their face????

Everyone was inside the house now, the three men chose their rooms and started to unpack as you and Sunggyu talked inside your room. "OPPA ARRANGED MARRIAGE?!" You shout at him. "SIX MONTHS?!?!?!?!" The three men all looked out of their rooms to look at the the one room where all the shouting was coming from.  "Why me????? I just turned twenty this is the age you're supposed to go out and live your go to clubs and stuff." You argue with him sitting down as he stands, listening to your every word. "I know but...I already stalled GG for five years...he made up his mind already. Club???? Yah! HYE RIM!! Didn't I teach you better." He points at you.

"Oppa...why me...why can't you get married?!" That was the end of it. You hurt him for the last time, he sat next to you and sighed.."Hye Rim-ah....unlike others I have a job to do..and I also have a person to protect..I can't married, also I don't want too...I want to put you first before anybody else as a promise when Omma and Appa..just do this for GG...just put on a show, and when he says its over you can go back to the way things are." He smiled. You couldn't help but tear up bit...because of what he said and because you're about to lose your recently receieved legal freedom.

"Oppa...I'll do it..but I won't do it for GG, but for you instead." You wiped away your tears with your sleeve. "Yah...that...that's dirty...ewwww..Thank you Hye Rim-ah..but I'm not sure about doing it for me, because I'm totally against all of this!" He tries to cheer you up. Then he messes your hair up, "Oppa! Tsk..I fixed it so nicely too." He laughs as you try to fix your hair. Suddenly a guy knocks before coming in "Uh..were all done packing." You sigh..."Kaja!" Sunggyu pushes you out the door.

Author's Note

Hey, guys....I hope you guys like the story...or this chapter....I know it's kinda long and all. I will try my best for the next chapters to come~! ^^"

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