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When I Fall In Love: Chapter 1- Love Letters

Seoul, Korea(Gangnam)

"Have you sent out the letters?" 

"Yes we have. Sir."

"Very well..." Sips tea. "Make sure she arrives at her house."

"Very well. Sir."

What's in store for the remaining youths?

L.A., U.S.A.(University)

Over the summer you studied your butt off..and here you are standing on the stage with your graduation cap and look around, it feels good to be free...but you sorta wished your parents and your brother could have been you also see parents crying next to their young ones smiling and crying also. "Congratulations EVERYBODY!!!!" You shout in the mic.

Busan, Korea(Dance Studio)

Hoya! you have letter..."Okay thanks....hey get back to dancing." Enters the office, as he wipes his face. He laughs at the thought but later looks at himself in the mirror then to the letter sitting on his table. "Hoya what is that?" ..

"That? Oh just another letter for an arranged marraige. Hyung...I'm thinking if accepting it." He sat up from his chair.

"Jinja!!?!?!?! Waaahh~ whom from? Jinja! You're gonna actually accept it?"

"Why not. The girl is a noona..check out her name, Ll Hye Rim..isn't that sexy-sshi"

"That is sexy-sshi~!!!!! But didn't you said arranged marriage isn't your thing?"

"I know but...I'm not getting any younger, besides I think its time I date somebody."

"Go ahead. Go for it! Fighting!!!!"

Seoul, Korea(Hotel)

Looking out the beautiful view of Seoul, "Neh..Omma, I'm here at home again. I know I'll come to work some other time. I'm busy. I'm gonna go pick up somebody at the airport." Hangs up the phone as soon as somebody comes in. "When you did you get in? And why didn't you wait for me at the airport?"

"Too troublesome..I'm really tired. Where do I sleep?"

"In the bed or you can just sleep there on the how you are now. I see you never change." He taps his phone in his hands twice then puts it away to walk over at the fridge to get a bottle of water.

"And I see your still the same...not working but still have lots of you love lying to people that you're a business man when in fact that's just "a self proclaimed title" made by you."

"You talk as if you've been around for long. Last time I checked the streets of London was closing off all street performers and that's why you came back."

"Hey what is this?" Myungsoo picks up a letter.

"Oh just an arranged marriage proposal. My parents don't really care about who I marry..they only want me to work. So, in other words if I accept this letter....and I marry the girl my self proclaimed title of being a business man won't be much a big deal. I'm rich and I look like I'm a business man and I talk like it too."


"So, I'm going to accept it then marry the girl just for business. Like, business man do."

" says here you will have to live with her...they even gave the direct address and a specific date..Wow they seem desperate."

"Tsk...don't go making fun of my future family in-laws." Takes the letter then puts away in his pocket.
"Wanna go celebrate your return to Korea?"

" gets tiring having to play a poor person sometimes." Changes into a suit. Then both leave the hotel room.

Seoul. Korea(Gangnam)

"SUNGJONG-AH!!!!! Where's my coffee, the papers here earlier, why hasn't the meeting started, did you get the samples for the new clothing line and did you set up a photoshoot for Llhan Sul Je?"

"Neh..? Mister Kim I did. And here's your coffee, the meeting won't start till twelve lunch time they said. Here's the samples and Miss Llhan Sul Je said she would be a bit late for the photoshoot due to drama shooting."

"What is this. This coffee sucks...get me another one pali pali!!!! PALI!!!!"

"HMPH! Pabo pabo pabo pabo" Says while walking away, when people start to look at him, he smiles. "You work hard today!!!" Then turns to say "Pabo" again.

Someone enters the office of Mister Kim without permission. "YAH!!!! SUNGJONG IS THAT YOU? WHY ARE YOU SO SLOW?"

"Why don't you turn to see who your talking too..." Mister Kim turns to find Woohyun standing with lunch boxes. "Eh...mianhe....Its a busy day today and I got a headache..where is that guy????" Sunggyu looks over the table left to right.

"What is it and Why are you here?" Mister Kim says as he opens the lunch boxes. Just in time..Sungjong brings in his coffee then leaves. "Hyung...." he chokes a bit.

"What is it??? What is this????"

"Kimbap, Kimchi, and rice."

"Yah..sit down and eat with's some chopsticks..why did you cook so many."

"Because I knew you would be hungry from working...why are you so busy today anyway?" Picks up a kimbap and eats it.

"Oh! sister is coming tomorrow so I'm trying to get everything done today so I can pick her up from the airport."

"Waahh...she is, Hye Rim!!! Its been what five years since I last saw her."

"Yeah five years and those years are gonna keep on going, because I'm never gonna introduce her to you. "

"I know..I know..even if you don't introduce her to me, she probably already has a boyfriend. Back in the U.S." He teases as Mister Kim chokes on the kimchi.

" sister isn't like that..she already texted me last december she had no boyfriend. Because American boys aren't her type." Shoves the phone to Woohyun's face.

"You're such a trust worthy brother...why is this message saved and also...that was last December you never know now."

"I save it because GG reads it together with me..when we text Hye Rim. I have trust in her. Anyway, what about you? Somethings bothering you?...I can tell you're too quiet."

"Well.....Hyung, I got a arranged marraige proposal."

"Bwoh?!?! Jinja???? Where is it..can I read it???"

"ANNI!!!!!! I didn't bring it...I forgot it..sorry."

"'re too careless. Oh well that's good. Your finally working on getting rid of your playboy act. I shall pray for the girl." Wipes his face with a napkin. "Anyway, are you planning on accepting this?"

"Yeah...I think am."

"Are you gonna take this seriously. Because marraige is a serious thing you know."

"I know and of course I am."

"Good! Now get out of my office...lunch is over..I have more work to do."

"You're so cruel, Hyung~" He says as he walks outisde the door with the lunch boxes. "Say hello to Hye Rim for me!!!!!!" He screams across the hallway.

"In your dreams!!!!!!" Mister Kim yells back.

L.A., U.S.A.(L.A.X.)

"One way ticket to go to Seoul, Korea please." You smile as you give the lady your passport and money.

Author's Note:

If you've noticed there might be some grammatical errors and some Korean words misspelled.. Try to understand this is my first time writing a fan fiction of this kind. hehe >/////< I hope you guys liked chapter 1~!

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