Saturday, June 22, 2013

DOUBLE COUPLE TROUBLE: Table's have turned? Now I'm the Hot Chick???

For the record this all happened in one week,

√ Heart Control

I stopped paying attention and texting to that (guy), but I can't control myself in my dreams. Before anything else...I know my Mom reads my blog , but the hell with it...this is my own personal space...I can say or do whatever I want. So, yeah...that day he went to bed early..but I came back home from night classes..having checked my phone..he called me!

I texted him that I was at home and he called while I was in class. In The morning..I woke to see a message from him saying "I Can't go back to sleep." And "Who was that person that kept texting me???" Obviously..I only texted twice..and he Was asleep that time so, I guess I'm guilty!

He told me he couldn't sleep...and you know how I believe in that saying that "If you're awake at night, then your awake in someone else's dreams." Yes! I have been having insomia and been dreaming of I.T. guy, but on that specific night..he couldn't sleep ..I was dreaming of him!?!?!?

HAHA don't worry I didn't say anything about it. So, anyway...yeah I've been ignoring him...he says hi every morning from the second floor to the first floor when he sees me with my other friends.

And, starting Monday..I'm gonna stop hanging out with his friends(I have like two friends in the group, but seriously I'm not comfortable with them either...I get bored.) Because I can't be my wild self and make funny jokes. So, I'm gonna leave go with my real and other's an all girl group, but hey there hella funny and even better they get me!

I'm not gonna completely shut them out, because they think of me as the baby in their group. I'm just gonna keep them as a more on the side kind of group. So, for myself...I have to make a sacrifice and its been decided..I'm not gonna hang around him and that group anymore. Its gonna be tough...but God! Please help me Be thick skinned!

√ Two Criminology Students

This started way back on the first week of school ..Friday...during that boring orientation. They sat behind me and my friend(Jhea) and apparently they're classmates! They kept on playing with my hair and fanning me from behind. I was annoyed because I was darn hungry and they have to do that!

I turned around toyed with them..speaking in English and giving them a nose bleed. When I finally..turned my back...they were surprised at how much Tagalog I knew. They got interested ....they didn't pay attention to them anymore, because it was all stupidity and no fun.

The next week...Friday again, yesterday....they saw me sitting next to my friend again, both of them called out to me "Spoken in Dollar!" I turned my back to see who was calling me...when one of them said while pointing to his friend "I LOVE YOU?!" The last time we've of them said that he had a crush on me.

Now this??? Simple stupidity can get you anywhere just not somewhere. I replied back "Okay...Thanks." then turned my back again...weirdo's....they even moved the bench in front of me and placed it in the, they can fan me again. I mean what is this?!?!?!

√ We meet again..(I.T. GUY)

So, I get to see I.T. guy again :) it's been hard to go up to him and say hi or even talk to him...because of his girlfriend around him. She sorta scares me...but don't worry...he's my First Day Crush I only think he's cute. He liked my new profile picture by the way...very surprising...

After our long awaited I.T. class...we got to say hi to each other and I told him that I saw that he liked my profile picture and he said because it was cute. Awww...hehe....I introduced him to my sister and also my new friend(Faeye) sister thought he was all macho and stuff...only to turn out as a nerd she said. HAHA

He's finally online on Face Book and I'm too shy to go open a chat box and say hi...seriously!!!!! So, instead I just posted random status stuff...and every second I would check if he's still online. I don't have a crush on him anymore...but it wouldn't hurt be his friend or just to find him cute :3

√New Friends?!?!?!

In my ECON class...there was this guy who had all the same classes as me...because we have the same course and schedule..but we never really talked. I asked for his name the first time and I completely forgot it afterwards so, that's why I never say hi or talk to him.

He was really funny in the other day night's class. He even talked to my surprise I was so overjoyed. Finally, somebody wanted to initiate an actual conversation with me. He lives just around Laguna also but he wanted to go home at the same time as the people who lived far away and still had to go home by jeep.

That's why...were friends hahaha XD my I.T. class there was this dude who say next I.T. guy , I guess they're friends. My computer prof. Was also my highschool teacher in computer. So, yeah...she did a full introduction about me and stuff. So, Embarrassing the whole class...was literally laughing and looking at me.

I didn't pay much attention to him..actually I ignored him. Because I didn't know who he was...when I got home and went on my facebook there he was "Add Friend" request..of course I checked who the person was because I have no idea what his name was. After a full inspection..I friended him, he messaged me "Hello" and "Do you know or remember me?" I tried to have a decent conversation with him, but my English and his Tagalog was too big of a barrier for us to talk.

He said he'll talk to me on Monday and I kept it short..."Okay." I posted a lot of stuff...on my FB lately...because I just wanna yell out how I feel. Anyway...the morning after...I saw that he liked most of my status posts. It was nice ...but a little freaky. Can you say too soon?

So, bestfriend actually compared me to the highest of the highest female "A Hot Chick"...."NO!" Is all I could say....I'm not that person..I wish I could be..but I'm short, and moody, And so not easy-going...I'm worst I'm over-thinking Things most of the time. That's why...for me ..these cases do affect me, but nit as much as they should. So, Mommy!!! Don't worry...I can handle myself. After All I am a big girl :D

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