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June 10, 2013
My second lucky day ~!!

Okay...so everybody has been asking me how my first day in college went~ but I haven't been able to get online or even tell them as you know..I was so tired, my body ached like crazy after the first day so, I looked like freaking Sadako going downstairs to eat dinner. Then I have lots of assignments and homework which I always put first! So, yeah very busy busy....

*Getting Ready

At the house 5 o'clock in the morning, I wake up to start doing my chores, sweeping the floor. Then I continue doing many other chores like folding the laundry hehe while exercising, because I know if you haven't been working out the whole summer when you get back to school you're gonna be like a fat kid trying to run a 100 meter marathon! Anyway, it was still too early!!!! I don't go in by 9:30 so, the whole time I was relaxed...sipping my hot chocolate, talking to my Mom...Then after a little while, I got ready..dressed in a bright orange polka-dotted shirt and plain simple skinny jeans and my converse shoes, Going for the Preppy!  After that I had to put plastic cover on my brother's books..it was a pain but it let time pass. Then it was off to school.

*School Board

I started getting nervous I think I had an asthma attack/heart attack/heart burn while I was asking my Dad questions about where to go or where to look. HAHA! But still, I took a few breathes..enjoyed the scenery then finally walked into the school gate "College building". I saw a bunch of random teenagers facing the board with their blue notes(schedules) out and ballpen's. Scrabbling to see which room is for what subject and etc. I got out my stuff too and started doing the same. It was pretty crowded and hot...but I didn't mind. My eyes went blurry and I felt like I couldn't breathe again...as my hands started shaking, but I went on forward! And, managed to squeeze in the middle and look for my exact rooms. 

Afterward, I had finished getting all my rooms and stuff...taking a look around, everyone seemed to have friends already so, I decided to go solo and not waste any time. Mistake number one, I almost left my handkerchief on somebody's bag!?!?! I got it anyway.  I headed on to go to room 218 for ENG 1, my first subject of the day. Walking and running around...I look like a lost puppy. Good thing, a girl who knew her way around asked me what room I was looking for. Two girls who were looking for the same room later asked if I wanted to join them and like a sponge(like my sister!) I did. 

*ESC/ ROOM 218

I got in and it was pretty much at the end of the school. It was sorta windy and the scenery was nice too. Not much students sat inside.I sat with the two girls in the middle end of the classroom. They talked up a storm so much, that I went back to being quiet and shy again. I just concentrated on myself and wrote down my rooms over my schedule so, that it would be clean. They later asked me what was my name and stuff..and they automatically got the thought "She's American!", "She's English-Speaking!", "She's Mayaman!(Rich)", "She's Smart!".....so, it was pretty hard to talk to them, even though I told them that I could understand and speak Tagalog just not fully....then also that I'm so not rich! Smart? I guess so?? hehe ^o^

Anyway, they were very interested in me...then they started talking to each other again, because one of them said it was "It was too hard to understand me." Oh well...shrug shrug shrug it off! Is what I thought. I later started asking "What's you name?" To this other girl...she seemed nice. I asked her next "What's your hobbies?", "Interests?", "What's your course?", "How old are you?" hahahah I know right..so, unlike me..She answered all my questions and we started talking up a storm that I moved to the seat next to her,  "Where are you gonna eat lunch?",  "Let's eat together!". I felt awkward, but I really loosened up a bit. She even noticed that I liked the color purple(My bag, ring, and handkerchief were all in purple haha)The others in the room were as silent as a lamb. "I hate this kind of awkward silence" I thought. 

So, I decided to go for my next victim hahahah....and ask each and everybody in the room "What's you name?", "What's your hobbies?", "Interests?", "What's your course?", "How old are you?". Their voices were so low I had to ask twice for their names...but only to forget them later one hahaha...Sowe!!! Anyway, I had practically asked everybody their names and etc. all except for one guy..who was sitting in the corner, in front of the electric fan. He was so far away from me...yelling out "HEY!!!!! YOU OVER THERE!! WHAT'S YOUR NAME?" was sorta crazy. 

Instead..after walking around outside..looking at all the lost freshman. I went back inside and came up to him and asked for his name...when he said his name...it was like a light had gone off or something. I automatically clicked "You're Japanese?", "Do you like anime?", "I'm an Otaku." I proudly stated. He said no by the way to the whole "Do you like anime?"....I was completely mind-blown...I actually said "I thought Japanese people were supposed to love anime?!?!?!" hahahah I later continued with "Why are you so faraway?....Do you like having the electric fan all to yourself?" I asked him straight out.

 It was really nice..I felt more in my element. This class I love so much! Funny to think these are my friends until now haha and it's only been the what second day of school...Today will be the third but no classes because of "Independence Day of the Philippines". I'm happy that it is ahaha but all I wanna do is just go back to school to see them again. It's vice versa too!

So, the friends I made: Nika, Jane, Jhealyn, Tsubasa, Xavier, Jenny, Lesheila, and others(I forgot their names shhh...)

*I.T. class, I.T. Guy

After we stayed in the classroom for awhile..unfortunately we had to separate and look for our other rooms for the next subjects that we have. So, off I was again....I really just went the other way..because I asked them where the net lab was and none of them new either. So, I went along and went straight to the guard to ask for directions and he sent me all the way to the other building on the third floor. I speed walked confidently and happily as I had made friends already..so, I  wanted to make more! I saw standing outside as I went up the last stairs....a bunch of girls standing in the corner, when the guard asked "what are you looking for?".....I answered back the Net Lab and the girls said in chorus "Wala pa yung prof.(There's no prof.)"

 It was a total bummer, but I wasn't gonna just sit around and wait for precious time to pass me by. I went inside the net lab looking everywhere if there was any sign of a possible chance that we might actually have class. Nothing...my search was a fail. But, I did notice a fan and a computer on and internet! My thoughts "Facebook! Blog!" hahaha XD I passed by that computer though..because I didn't want to just park myself...so, I looked for chairs and stuff. The group of girls came in and one guy, it was just for a minute though...when they saw there was no chairs...they went back out except for the guy. 

I sat in front of fan and let the wind dry my sweaty face and armpits hahahahaha.....He was there right behind me when I asked "What's your name?" XD He told me his name...but until now I still don't know(I forgot again). This time he was Korean!?!?!?!?! Swear to god, I'm not lying to you guys...remember how I made a truth swear about my blog? So, anyway...I know right the perfect stranger hahahaha XD I totally beat out my good friend, Sarah...because I met two Asians of a different race without even trying HAHA! Anyway...He sat down beside and me and we introduce ourselves to one another, like...what's his course and stuff...  We sat in front of the only computer that worked so, of course...I showed him my blog and some funny LOL post, I've posted.  Logging in of course..I asked him "You're not gonna hack into it, right?" haha and he shook his head and turned around. His course deals with comps that's why hehe..

He laughed it was funny...I laughed...and I looked crazy!!! I noticed that he kept starring at Wiolka's post about anime so, I quickly turned to him "You like anime?" and he said yes! I mean this weird....so, the Japanese doesn't like anime, but the Korean guy does? So, does that mean the Japanese guy...likes K-pop? Don't bother I asked he isn't really into it...but he did say that he liked anime...he just misheard me wrong..he thought I asked if his name came from an anime. Moving on! We became fast friends...literally...we went on Facebook and we asked for a friend request. Then I went into my Facebook and friended him..He called my fb "Cute" which a lot of people have been calling me lately...when I mean a lot...I mean A LOT!!! It makes me feel....warm and fuzzy inside...I don't like.....the more bigger my head will become! WHAHAHAHA

Going back on topic, we finally decided to leave for lunch...because we don't have anymore subjects till 2 o'clock...and because he had his CWS shirt. I asked him if he could come with me to get it. So, down we went to the bookstore. There he saw my clumsy side..I had papers flying everywhere....my phone walking away....my handkerchief going on top of somebody else's bag again...like WHAT!!??!?! What is happening??? I got my shirt...then the lady told me my uniform was already available, but to get it..I needed to pay..I got no money! So, i just told I would come back and get it. 

The girls laughed as I walked out of there..because she was having  nosebleed from my Tag-Lish...I just yelled out "I'm sorry!!!!!!"....Oh yeah...I.T. guy....I asked him where he was having lunch and he said he didn't live too far..so, he would just eat at some place. He waked with me into the college building and there I met up with Jane, Nika, and Xavier(you pronounce it ass Savior not like X-men Prof. Xavier hehe I actually called him that by accident) God! My friends got unique names! >.<   Since, I knew that Xavior's course was also the same as I.T. guy....I introduce the two to each other, I said "He has the same course as you...okay...Go!" As, I sat down next to Xavier.

They talked for a bit...then I felt like I was wasting I.T. guy's time so, I let him off to go to lunch. Funny! Because when I went back to the bookstore with Xavier to get his CWS shirt. I saw him again...this time with a bunch of guys...we didn't really talk but when he was about to leave...he tapped my shoulder to say good-bye or let me know he was going.

Mistake no. 2: When I laid my bag down on the table, my water bottle...practically spilled water all over the table and my bag...hence my bag getting wet hence...the back of my shirt getting wet...but only a little bit and it dried really fast, because of the hot hot day. I saw Jhealyn on the way to her next class...too bad we couldn't have lunch together, because when she comes out..I go in my class. she tried to get my number...but because my water spilled and she was running late...I ended up not getting her number. Sad..times...Clumsy...times...I had lunch at home by the way...it was the same for yesterday too

Mistake no. 3: Me, Jhealyn, Tsubasa, and Xavier went to go buy siomai...and some drinks because we don't have break time...So, as you can imagine...I was on the brink of fainting and being stupid a.k.a. clumsy. I paid the lady 100 pesos not once but twice!!!! just for C2 and siomai. She was surprised and so was Jhealyn.....good thing the lady gave it back to me. As, you can see..already my friends were sorta making fun of me hahahahah...can you blame them? I showed them around the other building...where the net lab, my old classroom, and the canteen was..then I went home to go to lunch. Jhealyn went to class and Ahm...Xavier and Tsubasa went to Sunstar Mall...because they had no more classes. AH-MEH-ZING! haha I know the spelling of amazing...I'm just simply putting emphasis. :D

*HUM 1, Anime Guy

I came back to school around one and hanged out a bit with Jane and Nika...in the gym. I introduced them to my sister who was with her former classmates...I also said hi to them...man were we noisy hahahha...Because I wanted to kick Joshua in his jingle balls for saying I got shorter. Anyway, after that happened Jane and Nika started talking about how I looked younger, whiter, prettier, and stuff.....very very I don't know what to say to that haha....I'm practically speechless...nobody has ever in my whole entire life complimented me as much. That was a total stranger...haha....we also talked about Cavite's underground cave or something because Nika had gone there....and also about taking a boat home..because of the Pagsanjan bridge being completely gone.

They went into class and I went into class...it was very all sudden...I was quiet and texting Oppa..by then I was already really tired. So, I kept quiet...good thing RoseMary I think that's her name and Jenny from ENG 1 sat beside me and asked me questions...Rosemary is very nice..and mature!!! She's seventeen also but she looks like what a seventeen should look like...as I on the other hand hahaha I don't know. Then..I turned around to see a random guy all dressed in black then another dude behind me who had the same haircut as Charice and Bieber altogether. I asked for their names and stuff.. Turns out the guy in all black is also an Otaku, but he doesn't know very much...like he said his genre's are only: Action and Slice of Life. But, still I recommended he watch this and that anime hahaha...On Monday I will show him my list of anime's I've watched.

Surprisingly, he was there at the Cosplay Event in Sunstar Mall! We didn't see each other..but he was there and he told me that the cross dresser as one of the character in bleach. A guy dressed as a girl, he was so pissed at that...because he thought it was really a girl hahahahaha ^^". My other friend....Loel, I think that's how you spell his name ....is a singer, but he's too shy...he's like and Jhealyn, he had to stop going to school too. So, it was nice I wasn't the only one...I wanted to hear him sing and all...I would have sang for him if I didn't have a soar throat, but oh well....you can't pressure somebody into doing something they don't want too...especially if you've just met them for the first time! 

So, after bits and pieces of silence here and there....I asked a guy for his name...he and I have the same course and classes together...I didn't quite catch his name...I think it was James also?!?!?! I dunno hahahHA.....I see him at school..but I don't say hi because I'm ashamed to say "Hi....can you tell your name again?" XD 

Mistake no. 4: I asked this other emo-looking dude for his name and he completely ignored me! I even saw the "I think his name is James, who has the same course as mine" laugh a bit. I was so mad...I swear to Oppa that when he asks for yellow pad paper from me...I won't give him some. 

LOL: I told my sister that story on the way home...then later at night...here's our conversation:
           Me: You know that guy in my Hum class....
           Cathy: You told me that already!
           Me: God! I hate him....
           Both: *Busts out laughing*

LOL: Stranger Danger: I got tired of that classroom...and waiting for the teacher...that I decided to just go out and buy something. I found Xavier and Tsubasa sitting down next to another dude. Of course, I made conversation with them. I told them about that Hum 1 guy....and they totally laughed and just told me to do exactly what I said. "Don't give him paper!" hahahah....it was really funny..Then all of a sudden these two girls cornered me...asking me "What's your name?" and stuff...and trying to speak in English. I mean it was creepy I gotta admit! I mean they tried so hard. I just said "Hi..Ashley...Nice to meet you too..." Then I walked away...hahahaahha Xavier and Tsubasa were laughing like crazy....I turned around to see them both looking at me walking away.

Nah...but I came back..because she yelled out "Don't be shy!".....I told her in Tagalog too that I can understand tagalog....so, you don't have to try hard to speak English to me. They both looked like idiots that got fooled. I swear that girl with the pony tail and red lipstick is weird....apparently she's a first year also...but  she looks like she's been there for the longest time...also...when I was enrolling she was the one always starring at me. @_@ They introduced me...to another person, Ean...who shook my hand....who is a lesbian...So, yeah....they asked for my number...but my phone was in my bag in the classroom. Tsubasa and Xavier told me to get it and never leave my stuff...even if it's cheap. 

I ran back to my classroom got my back then asked James to come with me to go buy some C2 because my throat was completely dry....We passed right by them too...and I just saw Xavier and Tsubasa look at me...as they guessed..right hahaha I have a new friend again! We bought then we started talking in the classroom again...but then it was already time for another class...when he was just starting to talk to me. 

Mistake no. 5: While I was in the gym with Nika and Jane....they told me I had a lot of handsome and pretty guy friends....and I asked if they've seen any themselves and then they each said no. I saw this random dude(LOL it was James!) pass by and said to them...how about him...he's cute :3 ....only to be my classmate later for the first subject in the afternoon hahahaahah..Mistake!!!

*Last, but not least...Soc. Sci. 1

Cathy, Philip, RoseMary, LeSheila, Jenny, and "The guy who has the same course as me" were all my classmates. Since, that subject was held in the same room as Hum 1..I didn't really need to move. I had my first class..and I did my first seatwork...which was to write your autobiography. I don't like mine... it was dirty, messy, the sentences wren't straight to the point. I really was shaken up a bit...having my first class and all...it was nice though...it was funny...but I was kinda sleepy...that I kept yawning, good thing I hid it with a cough afterward. Because, I'm right in the middle where my prof can see me. So, at least my cough came in handy that time. Also, I received my first college assignment and took down lots of notes. hehe

* At home

It was pretty tiring having to stay up when you're tired as hell and you're body can't move....I had to plastic cover the rest of my brother's books. Finally.. I got tired and just went to bed. I also...have been texting like crazy just these passed two days. Jane, Ilou, Tusbasa....they all text me!! haha....that's why my two index fingers om both hands are sorta numb from being straight all the time. It was a good first day! I loved it so much. But, I would be lying if i didn't feel a bit sad...at the fact that my mom couldn't be there...nor will I be able to do the things..I love...like update here at my blog and get updated with infinite stuff. It's all really a shame. But, that's why...my schedule is cool...I have time to do both. Study and Work at the same time! :))

P.S. If you've noticed that's why I love Monday and Wednesday the most! Because, I get to see all my friends... :D  

Yours  Truly,


  1. Ash, as usual great blog...MOMMY misses you more and I really wished I was there also :(
    But I'm so happy that you had fun and made friends :) LOVE YOU XOXOXOXO

    1. Thank you mommy haha this post has 7 views already right after I just posted this..this morning. :) yeah...I was feeling pretty down about that....I miss you too Mommy! Hehe ..yeah they text me like all the time hahahaha....Love You Too

  2. So many things happened to you! When I read this it seems that you are so, so friendly and kind ^_^ I wish I could go and ask everyone their name in a new school. I can't even ask anyone if they like anime (I feel really lonely as I don't have anyone to talk about being Otaku and watching anime etc. XD) I'm too shy D:

    1. Did you read all of what I wrote? Thank you very much hehe....I know it was kinda long and stuff..Hehe...it was very unlike me..but I'm very happy I took a chance and put myself out there for the first time. :) I really love college! You should try to do the same...you never know unless you try. Besides I believe in ya...you watch anime...so, you would have lots of interesting things to talk about :))