Wednesday, June 5, 2013

LOVE♥THIS: Me and my bestfriend have been friends for 3 years and 7 months!!!!!! I'm so happy and grateful to truly have her in my life ^^ keke(I had zero friends till she came along) and Because they said that if a friendship lasts for 7 years, they'll be friends for a lifetime..So, in other words..we still have a long way to go and definitely want to past the 7 year mark :)) P.S. HAHA i wonder if she would get more followers on Twitter after this post??? hahaha because you guys already know why I cancelled my Twitter ;)


  1. You're so lucky. I lost lots of my best friends and now I don't trust anyone. At least I found a new friend, Olivia, that changed my life and maked my life happy! :*

    I wish you to have a good friendship that will last forever. ^_^

    1. I really am...I can be myself finally... :)) Really??? Well, it takes time to meet somebody worth trusting, trust me..I know how that feels..I had a bestfriend use me just for my money -_-
      Wow! That's great, my regards to Olivia then ^_^

      Me too..I wish you will have a good lasting friendship too...and I hope in that way you can learn how to trust a little more... :)

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    1. Hhehehe Any new followers Nic Nic? HAHA
      you should have text me you were online...I was online earlier...