Monday, June 3, 2013

WTF: My Awkward Encounter With Sadako

"The Fuck!??!?!?!!"

My sister was laying on the left side of the bed, flat on her stomach with the computer right in her face...watching Ta-Dah! B.A.P., totally immersed in it too....then when I walked into the room..the computer screen went totally black and white, like in the movie, Sadako.

I held my breathe out of disbelieve when...I saw Sadako herself coming out of the sister moves back onto her back with Sadako on top of her...Me shaking with my hand on the door knob. They stare at each other till she twists and turns her head. She sees something in my sister that makes her move back and into the computer..She DIDN'T kill my sister..

Before leaving she slowly tilted her head towards me and moved her fingers in the sign language of "I got my eyes on you." Then disappears again. My sister acted as it never happened and continued to watch her show...I on the other hand grasped for air for a bit then closed the door. It was nothing but my weird imagination, because I opened my eyes again...I was laying on the bed!

Like, I said...the fuck?!?!?!?

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