Monday, June 3, 2013

LOL: YOU ANIMAL! : It all started when we went to school, to get my uniform..which they did not have yet! Very disappointing. So, instead of buying my uniform my Dad bought my brothers uniform so now they're all complete(they always go first!) Anyway, they went up to pay at the finance office while me and my sister stayed behind to wait along with the uniform' was quite awkward..because the bitchy girl helper was, me and my sister was talking through our phones typing messages to each other. In one of the messages, I told my sister..I needed to shit. She messaged me back "You animal! Go shit!" .....Like, "WHAT? Animal?"

"Why are you calling me an animal? You idiot!"


  1. Hi Sweetheart. It's MOMMY! Love, the Blog!

    1. Waaah..Mommy did you read al the latest posts hehehe :D Glad you love mommy <3 <3