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Okay....well I don't know were to it is....Yes.I did edit that. I intentionally edited the picture because I was very very disturbed by it. I know how "sex" sells and also in Asian countries how they're very strict and reserved to things like this, but they like it so much..almost too much. For my taste, I personally think that this was a bit too much, I mean yeah I like a few flash of abs here and a flash of hot pics of them(idols) too. But, why can't I help but feel as though they're trying to oversell themselves..hence the whole pouring of SM Entertainment's budget on EXO thing.

I understand that their concept is different and scandalous and dangerous...Attracting, I may say. I can't stop listening to their song "Wolf" and I expect their whole album XOXO to be a big hit...This picture of Lay(my bias in EXO-M) even if he's the one person I like the most in EXO..I wouldn't want to see him, like this. I mean come on~ The most I've ever seen of him is another shirt under his shirt while performing. That's why questions like, "Was he okay with this?" or "Did he agree to this or did they make him do it?" and "What will their parents think?".

Spark around my head every time I see this picture...the other members, like Tao and Chen...don't get me started on Chen! I mean...that was...I don't know...That's why..Can somebody please tell me if these are real photos of them? Because, I can't accept the fact that you take something that started out as innocent into this whole other dimension of themselves which is completely different. Though it's not like I know them or anything...but it just seems so un-them...if you what I mean..IF it is them, I think that this is way too much fan-service...for a bunch of teenagers????? Don't-cha think? I mean sure they're probably in their 18 yrs. old- 20 and up(idol ages), but aren't their fans mostly teenagers??? But, then again...there's others who might disagree with me and maybe a lot too....

I just think that SM was kinda overdoing it and also it was a sorta desperate move of them. I mean they were doing perfectly fine with the whole "sexy" look...with clothes ON! Thank you very much. I also have a feeling that because of they're makes perfect sense that they have to do whatever their company tells them to do...But...I don't know...I hope they won't have to go through this again....stuff above lower guy area if you know what I mean is okay....but almost why off line and disturbing...but like I said...not everyone would agree with me*scoffs*perverts*.. Confident or Not.....Okay with it or Not....I don't care...I just care about one thing and that's keeping some boundaries and knowing your limits. 

Remember the saying: How much is too much?

Why don't you try asking yourself after reading or viewing this.
Because, only you..yourself will know the answer...not anybody else. 

Also...remember: Respect your body...and if your insecure or not sure about doing something like their any other way???? You don't always have to listen to other people. Sometimes you need to follow your heart and do what's right for yourself.

P.S. If this pic is a did I waste my time hahahaha but at least I brought some contribution to this active issue all over the world..for teens.

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