Saturday, June 1, 2013

LOL: WHOLE LOT OF SUN AND FUNNY #2: WORLD WAR 3: Still at the shop, because the lady who was getting the stuff was going back and forth from her shop to my grandpa's that took awhile..waiting in the heat. After, the whole stool thing, my Dad asked my little brother, Nathan to slap me for him HAHA when he got next to me, my sister suddenly said "Nate..don't start a World War 3." Since, I was definitely not in the mood.....slapping me will only be war! Because in the house, my sister is own for her on the other hand, is very well-known for my fast stinging and very hurtful slaps~! BITCH SLAP~!! In the end he slightly touched my cheek and that was it.

"Go ahead slap me...just try...we'll see who will be crying after."

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