Tuesday, September 25, 2012

¡Vamos! español

Well, this is a total set back. I know the title maybe in Spanish, but there is no why I would be able to even just make that one sentence. So, i used Goggle's technology and BAM! that's what ya get. Even if I tried reasoning with my parents and my grandparents; they still wouldn't listen to me. I know all four languages (English, Tagalog, Japanese, and Korean) Why not Spanish too?

But, here's the deal I'e been going to this website StudySpanish.com. I've tried learning in June and July, but this still haven't gotten together. Who would have thought the language of Love can have some perks to it. I mean there's just too many distractions for me when I'm learning on the computer. I mean there's Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Hotmail. None at all interest me except Youtube.

So now I've settled my mind after one month of not learning anything and just doing nothing. Gosh! it was horrible an Aries do nothing even I myself got bored out of my brains and started having stupid conversations and ideas. More than I usually have. If you don't mind me saying IT'S COMPLICATED! All the characters and didn't spelling and stuff. even Dora couldn't teach me well, to be honest I once knew the whole theme song of Dora the Explorer in SPANISH. How hard could it be.

I mean Sam from glee can learn a song and sing it so sexy then why can't I and just another note I memorized some things but since i stopped learning it I forgot about all of it, but that still counts. Right?
I do love learning new things mostly languages I mean how do you think I learned Korean and Japanese I watch a lot of  Anime's and K-Dramas on tv and cd.

And I sorta pick it up like the cute accents and sayings and use them for my own benefit. Like, when I went to school my old school of course, because I already graduated. I told my old principal that he was bad or something in Spanish and he didn't know a thing. i didn't know what to tell him so I told him that it meant he was handsome and it totally worked, on my soul I will never ever do that again unless a situation calls for it.

Right now I have three documents which need to be printed (Spanish Lessons) and more than 111 pages. i know it's killing me. I hope my brain ca just accept all that information. And that I don't lose my English skills like what happened when I learned Tagalog over here. I'm still currently trying to gain it back, but i think in time when I go back home it'll all work out.

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