Monday, September 10, 2012


I know the title scandalous right. I'm just kidding, I was gonna delete this account but then I saw all the views it got and all the bubble looking conversation looking thing got and I was like why bother throw away something good. You know and not very often do I get that but, I did delete my Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr account because I never opened them well maybe, twitter but that's not the case. I couldn't I just couldn't at all i was too scared to face my fears like twitter for example. I always would be gloomy and depressed over the thought I lost followers and was extremely happy when I gained. 

But, I have a fear of cyber-bullying. And yes, it started with Facebook and my sworn enemy and it was so utterly embarrassing because it was the first time I was on Facebook and even worst we were talking in a group chat that only all my friends and classmates could have seen. I HATED MYSELF for weeks I tell you. Oh well, she said she was gonna become a lawyer and look now she's studying to become a tourist guide. Like, WTF! and that other time on Facebook again somebody who barely knows me at all that fucking douche bag called me a BITCH! and to I quote "SHUT THE FUCK UP". Even though he apologized and i faked forgave him but still God only knows that I am scared for life and at times I think about it

Back to the point I deleted half of my accounts to avoid getting cyber-bullied and because I was bored and feeling overwhelmed and finally because of all the updates I get in my e-mail.

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