Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My New Show

My new show Sket Dance. I think I finally got a good one I honestly thought it was over for me to find some of best of the best anime's out there. Because of me being picky and choosy about the plot, genre, and looks of the characters.

The first episode I gotta say blew me away. I mean it's everything I wanted it to be and more. the first episode was about this new transfer student trying to remake himself but having a hard time to do so. Since, Im'ma be leaving soon and going to a new school and environment I can relate to him. I also feel like I can remake myself when I get there. 

Finally get the courage to join the clubs I always wanted to without anyone telling me I can't because of favoritism. I feel new and free when I just think about it. Making new friends and people wanting to recruit me into their clubs. 

Bullying was a in the first episode and like what Bossun said "Bullies always say it's just a joke but it's dead serious to one who's being bullied". Being bullied for 10 years in school I've built up a wall to protect myself and that's why I don't have many friends till I entered fourth year of high school. That's why just watching this show makes me all excited to look into the future I am confident though there will be some ups and downs I will never give up!

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