Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I can't help it anymore! Everyday since, I've been staying at home till I can go back home to America. I clean the house then I watch t.v. while, I fold laundry and that's my daily morning routine. And every time I turn on the channel CNN or on the TODAY show. I see nothing but tragic happenings.

For example, the weather conditions here in Asia it keeps on raining with such little sunlight to grow crops and the farmers land out back behind my house is now a freaking swimming pool; a nasty riverish one too.
That's why my extended family had to move in but now that they're out; oh yeah did I mention they left because their drunken gay lesbian daughter who is so confused was uncomfortable here. No Shit Sherlock! I mean I saw what she does everyday no job and acts like a fat goddess but i don't say anything plus we ain't close and thank god we're not because I cannot handle hearing her complains and excuses on life.

Going back now, like the race for the white house  it's depressing though I think I'm republican now but later I keep on switching. I mean both parties offer stuff to us but what we're really worried about is that our economy and whole country is drowning; and nothing is getting done. Promises here and there is all I here and their ads please.. I mean i call that wasting money and showing it off to the world the independent voter aren't stupid enough to go "huh I should vote this guy because his ad is right." Like Wait..What! HELLO! that's not how it goes. But it still comes down to the voters and who they will vote for. Right now, my mom is in America struggling for a better high paying job. I wish I was old enough to go work but laws have changed now you have to be eighteen to work. But, I could still baby-sit for the neighbors that wouldn't hurt. I just wish that things will get better and soon. Cuz, I don't want to see my family lose their houses, my auntie's cancer treatment, my grandparent medicine because it's too expensive, and my uncle who only get's to see his kids once a week before he leaves early to go to Napa to work. I see that everyday because it affects me too emotionally and mentally.

Moving on, to that horrific uprising in the middle east. I mean i thought we were allies since, we practically come to their aid all the time when they need help and back-up. And all because of some stupid ignorant horrible movie they are willing to throw it all away. I know how they feel I really do; heck I have two Islamic friends and they're both deeply hurt by it. But you don't see them taking it out on me since I'm an american. No! violence is never the answer to solve our problems. That day when I heard about the Lebanon official i think; who got killed with three others. I felt sick to my stomach because he was so passionate and seemed so kind-hearted towards the people there then he die that way it seems unfair to me. I'm not picking sides because I know the search for the one who made the movie and the message sent out from the president was too late. And I'm not blaming anyone for this except the person who have caused this.

Well, I guess that sums it up. i mean the latest I have heard is the suicide bombing of on afghan person on a bus I think with foreigners. I pray the lost lives. I wish it would be like the Olympics again. Peaceful and quiet.

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