Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Day Frolicking At The Mall

Finally, I got to go out and it was at a mall but I'm still not feel'in it; maybe it's because those people at the mall were staying at me. What can ya do it's a local mall in a small town where weird, judgmental, and poor saby people live. Of course, I'm not one of them. I mean who stares at somebody walking just like them but wearing a white buttoned shirt, jean shorts, brown leather belt, and white ribbon wedges. Sure, I was tall and better looking eh... oh well I didn't care too much not to be happy and enjoy myself.

Since, dad was out in Max chilling with "old people" a.k.a. his classmates batch something something. We and and I mean my siblings got to run around the mall and spend money and buy stuff. The mall was small so we didn't care if my brother kept on running ahead of us; who am I kidding I'm the eldest I was freaking out like crazy. Good thing he's slightly big so he walks back slowly because he gets tired easy. ( heheheh) Lucky for me I don't have to chase him.

The funny things that happened that day was that when we went into the mall we separated from our dad and   went straight to Jollibee to have lunch. My sister and I couldn't read the menu on top because we didn't have our eyeglasses on because we were in a hurry and I forgot mine and my sister just doesn't want to wear hers.  So when my brother stepped in he was all over the place even if he had eyeglasses and we asked hope much the price was he still wasn't helping. Instead we told them to find chairs in the end they came back with no chairs to sit on. Good thing this couple was leaving so we sat down.

Another moment was when we were ordering it was soo embarrassing; right my sister was the one ordering and I had the money calculating it. We only had 600 pesos on ourselves which dad gave to us. Anyway, she managed to freak out and be nervous that she ordered 4 b1 and 2 chicken w/ fries and 4 coke drinks. And the total was 656 pesos! I literally panicked because I didn't know what happened and I asked her to go ask money from dad because I thought what we ordered was really 656 pesos. So, when she left i saw 4 burgers on our tray and I asked the guy why their were 4 and he said because your sister said so. I apologized immediately and told him the right thing 2 b1, 2 chicken w/ fries, and 4 coke drinks. In the end it was a total of 248 I think.

I told the guy she was just nervous but I suddenly became nervous because no one was there to help me carry the food and it was 2 trays good thing she came and we took our food and finally found a spot to eat. Then as we were eating I explained to her that B1 stood for burger number one and she was like "ooh I thought it meant drinks".

Then we moved on to go look for shoes and yes, we were loud as hell talking in English with a bunch of Filipino sales ladies talking smack behind our backs. But I didn't quite mind them as much. I reserved it till we came back and bought it after dad's reunion. Then we went to the second floor gave my brothers some money like only 20 pesos and me and my sister went to the bookstore. We bought lots of things like gifts for our parents(my idea of course) for their birthday's in November, I bought book-markers (horoscopic ones), my sister bought a paint brush which is off-limits to us, and my brothers bought a k-zone magazine.

Then we went to go buy ice cream; my sisters idea because she wanted to buy paint but they didn't have acrylic. She's so picky sometimes. We bought the bear cone ones but, it wasn't till my sister showed me the cone I understood why it was called bear cone. I guess I was too involved in not losing one of my siblings. after taking a short break we went into the department store. I slowly entered into those bar thingy's because the last time I went around one I got in trouble because it went off in another store. But, funny thing was I didn't buy anything.

So, when we all went inside we walked till I saw this hat with pony tails and I looked at my youngest brother and begged him to put it on. So, he did and we got the picture it was hilarious. My other brother put on another hat that had the letter A on it I asked him if it stood for asshole since, he usually is one to me. Then we looked at toys and almost bought a shower curtain and lay on a cheetah bed. But, we decided not too. Then my youngest brother told me what he wanted for Christmas; boy that was easy.

Oh yeah, I also made my sister try on this big Philippines basketball shirt that went all the way to her knees. I didn't do anything wacky because I was too busy trying to keep them walk in pairs or in a straight line. After the reunion dad caught up with us bought my brother's school shoes and went grocery shopping with us for Taco night. The store didn't sell taco shells it was an abomination but anyway, we bought Doritos, cheese(original), Sprite, and breakfast for two days and some evaporated milk for the jello I made the other day.

All in all this day was a blast but painful one too not emotionally but physically. Am I losing my shopping streak! I think not! It was just my menstruation kicking in. And boy it really kick in my back and stomach was hurting like crazy we had to move three times to sit down on a chair because I thought it was the chair the reason my back was hurting. My bad. We were supposed to go to church but I guess decided not to because everyone is poofed I think that's a word oh well. That wraps up my entries for today. Till next time.

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