Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Being the bigger person

Sometimes, I get annoyed when my sister and brothers act like total complete idiots all the time even though their old enough (11, 12, 15). I mean seriously; oh that too,they also make fun of me because I say the word "seriously" alot but i that's just because whatever they do they act stupid while doing it. So, in the end can you blame me. 

Then there were exams which was yesterday and the day before that. Wow, it was so overwhelming; trying to teach your brothers in Math which you hardly get and suck at. I conquered it that too and ended up understanding and memorizing things myself. Weird!
But, YEY! it's finally done uh and then I need to see the results and tell my mom who depends on me to teach those two bozoes. 

I love them but it's hard to do when they're a bunch of URGHHHH every word to describe stupid, loser, lazy and braty kids. I think that's some of it i guess. Like, now it's going to rain so I told them to take down the clothes hanging outside, what do they do complain as always what a bunch of girls. Not hating on no one just practically jointing down things that happen to me. I did not yell at them though they yell and say bad things to me.

Now, onto the sister not that much has happened but while I've been helping her out and stuff and that was the time when she didn't want me to fix her hair. Fast-forwarding to when I was writing about my freedom speech. Can you believe the nerve she at out at Jollibee without us!
she stole my life for sure; always going out and having friends over and not being able to stay home because of extended projects and work requirements for school. 

The tables have turned but I never had an attitude like that and to think when I got out and stuff I pay them back by doing chores, cleaning things, and behaving properly. I think her friend is getting to her since now she has "friends" besides her bestfriend. The report cards came in and my younger brother did horrible. He has three C's and most of them are satisfactory. While, the other one he's got all b's but, I feel bad for my sister she has some tough competition and now she's sixth in her class. On the bright side, she will get a medal like best in Filipino if she keeps on getting an A.

My dad booted me off the computer again so I couldn't finish sooner. At least he didn't take over completely he only took over to scan the report cards to mom. So, see sometimes I can't believe I'm saying this it's better to hold in you're grudge to avoid hurting the ones you love. I know I call my brothers and sister stupid and stuff most of the time but that's our language they call me the same when I'm acting bossy and crazy.

I guess feel more relieved I talked to my mom before I can post on the internet or write in my anger- management diary. Her advice helped me alot and the awesome part is she told me I can answer back to them because they need to be taught a lesson that you do not disrespect your elders or me the eldest. That goes out for my sister who says she's rebelling. I do wonder since the field trip is on Thursday I hope she doesn't get lost. I mean I may want to go all "Insane Ashley" or "Crazy Bitchy Ashley" on them. I don't and I just break, tear, or throw something to calm myself; it's more healthier they say. And that's being the bigger person. 

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