Saturday, September 15, 2012

I have my freedom back!!!!

Finally, my relatives are outta here!!! I mean it was beginning to become a drag watching one of cousins act so stupid and foolishly towards her own mother; can you believe that. I mean coming home late and then drinking and sleeping all day and then her mother has to do everything for her. Like, seriously I wanted to grab her by the hair and tell her to get real. She sees me everyday since this my house doing things and I don't know moving my ass. She's like what twenty-three years old and she has no job, fat, loves to drink, come home late, make her mom do everything for her, and mostly not live life.

I mean yo don't see me relying on my parents but I'm an exception since, I'm still a minor and she's like an adult. ERRR..... my step-cousin is like that and he does weed which caused my dad to go into my Facebook account and un-friend him. Now, we barely talk and he smokes weed and lives with his friends since, my uncle kicked him out. BTW he was eighteen; I on the other hand am sixteen got high hopes and just wanna rock out right now. 

I was so mean to them that when they left I yelled out PARTY!! I can walk around the house freely and not be awkward, cry when I watch a sad episode of my anime show or laugh out loud and not be called out for it or laughed at. Eat what I want when I want. Dammit gotta go because my dad his taking me to eat at their house or something. Because it's somebody's birthday "free food" I guess. And now I'm being yelled out for not changing. Say What!!!! yeah freaking stupid brothers don't know how to dress themselves up. Fuck my Life. Don't worry it's not totally fucked it's just how i feel right now.

Sorry I couldn't finish gotta go!!!!1 but I GOT MY FREEDOM BACK!!!! :D

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