Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Halloween is coming!

Beside my family; Halloween is the next thing I love most!  I can't wait to dress-up and pretend like I'm somebody else and get candy, but the thing I love about Halloween is the pumpkins; I just love em.

Last night I fixed up the house and put some major freaky things. The old decorations my mom has I had to put a few adjustments and then hang them all up. After I did that I moved on to making my own decorations by myself. Since, the boys were sleeping, my sister was working on the computer, and dad eh this ain't his kind of stuff.

So, I took out like the toys my brothers had that look like they're really the real deal. Like, the spider and the two snakes, oh my gosh! I have to say it was soo funny when my sister was about to go to bed she was walking upstairs and when she looked up she saw on the window a snake. It was dark i must admit I put it there on purpose i made it look real life-ish and then I also put one on the mini railing they're both going to the room or like to the roof.

Hhehehe I guess I made it look to real. She literally stopped in the middle of the stairs stared at it and asked me if I put the snakes there, and I was like ah yeah why? heheh Then she called me freaky and scary. Oh well,  anyway, I'm going to post the photos of the house soon. Even the snakes and the secret Halloween decoration I made thats's soo awesome.

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