Monday, September 10, 2012

Start of a Bad Day?

Cue the song Bad Day by Daniel Powter. I mean cm'on seriously all I wanted to do was to just fix my sister's hair for just this day because she was wearing pretty earrings. But, NOOOO... She wants it to be flat out down. I mean it's like that everyday and I can't see how she never gets tired of it. I know she may not be like me but sometimes i miss the old her; the old her who liked to dress-up and let me fix her hair and now what do I get an hour before church or when we go out to the mall I have to get ready of her clothes.

And if she don't like it she changes it with that stupid brown go-to pants of hers. Sometimes I just want to tear them apart and burn it till it's ashes but I can't. So, I took a deep breath and just ignored her and gave her a bitchy attitude. Besides like she said she never listens to me anyway(even though i'm the freaking eldest). Instead I took all my energy into watching Hannah Montana the movie which made feel much better and happier too. I couldn't stop smiling afterwards I even think my dad caught a glimpse of me dancing and singing along heheheh.

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