Thursday, September 13, 2012

Missing my mom and 9/11 remebrance

 It's been a year since she left to go home and boy, do I miss her. I mean my siblings can't relate because they don't miss her as much as I do. But, I know in their hearts they're thinking the same thing. We didn't have any internet nor phone for two freaking days because someone stole the wire.

Can you believe the nerve of some people. Then I remembered 9/11 how they are coping after so many years without their loved ones. Then it hit me I should not be gloomy because I don't have my mom here in this country I should be happy that she's home and I can still see her unlike the other people who cry at night because there's nothing they can do to bring back their loved ones. I should be happy and lucky you know.

After, some silence when they rang the bell it was all quiet some were even crying. As, I watched each and one of them I felt their emotions through the t.v.
I remembered the time when I was little my mom crying and my dad stood frozen as if somebody had just hit him with an ice machine. I was too young to understand it and watching live on t.v. that day.

 I cried along with my mom and asking her why their were planes smoking on top of the building. Till, this day I can still picture myself in front of the t.v. touching the screen in where the world trade center once stood. That's why finally today my dad put load into our smart bro and i finally got to talk to her without her home isn't home for me. And two days felt like a year. Lucky and grateful till this day and will always be.

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