Monday, September 10, 2012

The Anime Full Moon

The title maybe tempting and when you look the title of the anime you might just think "what is this an anime about space, the moon, aliens or some kind of weird anime with big boob alien girls. Boy, was I wrong nowadays I watch it all the time just like the other anime's I get obsessed over. I'm still a little confused over their age difference because URGHHHH!! IT'S TOO FAR APART!

I mean weird much; having a crush on a 12 year old that's probably the reason they keep on saying on Youtube the guys are bunch of pedofiles yet people still watch it. And so do I but the story line is great I guess but all of concerns is wiped away by my favorite character in there the <3doctor p="p">The grandma is a total bitch but in the end she's old and that's how conservative old people are like. Trust me, I have much experience with that.

The link to a cute video of the main characters is just right below here:

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