Sunday, February 10, 2013

What A Day~

Today, we went to church again, feeling much better actually not that blue anymore. We were late again, but that didn't stop us, we went straight inside and sat down in front talk'in 'bout having "guts"; Dad's idea. Then after a few minutes it got boring and I started to look around and the girl sitting in front of me had beautiful straight hair and a nice back. I mean I was jealous! I wanted to have a look at her face to see if she was as beautiful from behind and front. 

Ahhhh church. OH NO~! We're late again!!!

But, no luck. Of course, I tried to act like, I was it and all. I guess you can say I was insecure. I mean com'on I put on a little bit of weight and my face has gone bezerk. I feel like, I have a right to be insecure. Nobody noticed it, except for the girls sitting behind me. But, I guess they noticed I combed my hair with my fingers a lot. Sorry (>.<) it's a habit and I could just feel the dagger stares judging me from top to bottom. I mean like, an elevator inspection. I stood still, but I could still feel the chills up my spine. o.O

Me: Brittney...He~ nice talking 
Dad: Ashley, pay attention. 

Then I noticed that on my right side near the pillar was BRITNEY!!!! no not Britney Spears, the Britney from my class(Canadian Britney/Pizza Party Girl) yeah her, I wanted to say hi, but the lecture of the priest was still going on. So, I waited and let me tell you the lecture was pretty long. My Dad said he had family issues, when I asked what his lecture was about. I could only understand a little bit of it. Anyway, I got up from my seat later then she was gone both her and Mom! Freaky~!! like, do they roam around the shadows of the halls. 

My Dad said her Mom was rude; when he tried to say hi to her, she walked away. BITCH!!!! well, what can ya do, she's a butch anyway. Dad implied, not me, I'm just saying it. Then Jarod didn't help when he kept showing and pushing me, that idiot. So, I did what I had to and started poking him repeatedly non-stop and he was like, all over the place that ended when an old lady besides us was like, "Be quiet....shhh.." in a grandma voice and I was like, "What'cha looking at grandma!. The nerve of old people, seriously. Do they never mind other people's business. 

hehehehe prepare to die.

The next location we went to was at this barber shop, my Dad always goes to for a haircut. the boys got one two and they sorta looked Korean guy for a bit in the middle of their haircut. hehehe me and my sister was making fun of  them. Our mistake because when they came near us they tried to give us their hair that the barber cut off and said said look "It's like a hairball". 

I was starving by then and Jarod wanted to go to Spaghetti House(the place I went with Mika), but I insisted on McDonald's because I was totally craving for cheese and mega sundae ice cream. and, the other fact that every time I go there, I can't relax because that stupid waiter just URGH~~~ I don't know, i feel nlike, he eavesdrops; again FREAKY~~!! o.O 

I know Mika said that taking pictures of my food is "Totally Asian". But, I can't help it if I have delicious food I want to share with people and my blog. If I didn't have my blog I wouldn't take pics at all, Okay that was a lie. But, heck! I'm Asian so Fuck It~! hehehehe ✌ 

This is my order heheheheh: I finished it all too. It was De-E-Li-Cioous (use that finger, use that snap- Ms. Pillsbury) LOL



Left: Today:  A flower print blouse, jean pants, my citizen watch, Singapore earrings(Mika's gift to me), My flower pouch/medium size bag without handle (?) whatcha macall it again? i don't know I forgot. hhehehe then Gold heels :))) Make-Up: Blak eye-liner, pink blush, rosey pink lips, and mascara(keep'in real and simple ;-)) it was windy so, i liked how my blouse just made me feel like, I was flying. hehehe

Right: Yesterday: My red and gray high school musical jacket(it was chilly outside), My american flag(Red Old Navy) shirt, skinny jeans, and all-star shoes. (I went to Mika's house and forgot to get Cathy's costume again!!! I'm an idiot. For Real)


Got home did the usual just cleaned  and then studied with the boys and it was a total pain, because my younger brother, Nathan; asked me how to spell "BREASTFAST". UH~ don't get me started on the other one. So, I did that the downloaded music and watched a few videos and stuff of D-NA (Dae Guk Nam Ah) a long lost Korean band, which now only works in Japan, because of their company issues. They're partly the whole reason why I fell in-love with K-pop and shit. Let's just say they took my v-card for K-pop. heheheh 

So, yea I miss them sooo much especially my Jay Mouse. hehehe I subscribed/ commented at the website:  :)) If you're fan you should check it out; if not and just curious click it! hahaha it's up to you. but, before did all those things, I took out all my Teen Vogue Magazines and arranged them with my Seventeen Magazines underneath the T.V. so, that Me and my sister can always read it and she wouldn't have to always have to ask me where they went/are. I did the sticky notes by the way, I do that if I like the clothes/advice/sayings/pics/products. I do it for everything. :)) it's sorta a collection; I guess. 

And, now it bring me to here, right now, in the present. :)) down downloading and converting music and now I just gotta finish this up. #Life Post

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