Thursday, February 7, 2013

Iron Man Cosplay!?!

It was Mika's idea after we watched the Avengers, that we should cosplay as them. Of course, I got/chose Iron Man  and well I asked my Mom when I got home and I told her about there's gonna be a Con on April 12 and well it's right before my B-day :D she said it was too close, but my b-day ain't till the 16th. I led her in when i told her that I want to go out for my b-day unlike the last time. EPIC FAIL~!!! in deed I spent it crying a lot.

So, she said okay, but it will be up to my grandparents since, they come in March and when they come home their the boss. Literally! hehehe so, I just have to ask them now, but they might want to take me out for my b-day and they might say "NO" oh no~~~~ my poor brain just thinking about it. But, anyway as long as Mommy is on my side. heheheh HAPPY DANCE~!!!!

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