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In Three Years Part 5- The Heart Has It's Reasons

Yay~!! We're going to the beach....I'm so tired.
(Left) Yuri, (Right) Me

Friday morning, never felt so good, I looked out my window to the beautiful view of the city. Then made my way to the kitchen, to make myself some hot coco. Sipping through the hot chocolate against my lips. I could feel the pain from my cut, but also remember that faithful touch of his kiss. It was tender and soft, and I could only imagine how many times we already kissed. I stood there, giggling and playfully turning the spoon in my cup in a circular motion, when suddenly my phone beeped.

I put down my cup and ran into my room and jumped on top of my bed, to see who was calling me, it was him. My cheeks turned scarlet red and I felt a hot sensation rush on my forehead and neck. I answered it quickly as I rolled on my back. "Hello?"

"Hi. Did I wake you?"

"Not really. I was just drinking hot coco."

"Wow. You're up early umm.... about meeting the person who I wanted you to meet."

"Yah...." I slowly got up from my bed. "Is there something wrong?"

"No, there isn't. Actually, today's the perfect to see him."

"Oh. That's great."

"Yup, but later on we'll have to go to-"

"To the movie shoot and Miurakaigan station, I know."

"Great cause I don't. I forgot about it till my manager called me to come in. (he laughs nervously) so, I'll pick you up at ten."

"Yeah. No problem." We both hang up.

A little later.....I came down and ran over to the tree where H.-sama was sitting. It was awkward at first, because we didn't know how to greet one another. Now that we're a couple and all. I gave him a little peck on the cheek and pulled away. "So, where to first...?" I asked. He looked around at the by-standers watching and nodded to them. I took it as he thought it was too embarrassing, but it doesn't make sense. I mean he loves to do PDA, I started to walk by him and he grabbed my wrist softly and kissed me on my cheek. 

"Before we go to the shooting, let's go to the Aikun Hospital." 

"What? but won't we be late to the shooting?" 

"'s fine, as long as I'm gonna show up, they said to take my time."

"....Okay then."

We arrive at Aikun Hospital. I get out thinking that I might be meeting his parents today. I gulp and take a deep breathe, he offers his hand and helps me get out. I look around and see everyone staring again. They probably think I'm too young to need help out of a taxi or better yet that I'm a drama queen. He leads me into room 12 on the second floor, still holding my hand. Even my short black wavy curls and pink knitted hat can't hide the fact that I'm totally flushed.

We walk in, and are greeted with a warm embrace, from all the nurses. H.-sama introduces me and the nurses leave the room. I walk around the table and curtains to see a man sit up on the bed. There at that moment I saw S.-san in the flesh. He was as cool and calm of a collected person can be, just like his character's in the dramas. He took a long hard look at me then shoved H.-sama to the side.  In a friendly gesture.

I asked them if they could excuse me for a second and they're eyes followed me out the door. I waited till I could hear them talking and I screamed my whole lungs out, like I was in severe pain; one nurse even asked me if I was okay. I came back inside after ten seconds and they were both staring at me. I guess they heard me, I cleared my throat to say "It's nice to meet you. Ah...that was a patient, yeah....she was like what S.-san was staying in this, what how ironic I was getting a flu shot today too." I lied.

"It's nice to meet you too." He nodded then cracked a little laugh. I grabbed a seat next to H.-sama's and he whispered into my ear telling me that flu shots don't come in around this time of year also, that this whole floor is reserved so, no patients are allowed up here unless they paid a lot of money. I sunk into my seat and hit my head on the back of the chair. How embarrassing was that!

"Look at you two, making me all uncomfortable with you're moe flowers and all." S.-san pointed at us. We moved away from each other and turned straight to him. H.-sama clears his throat "So, how are you feeling?" 

"Ah...tired. I'm tired of sitting and sleeping...."

"Oh really-"

"and eating and just tired." They both laugh. "I see, well soon you'll be able to walk again and you can get out of here." 

"You're right. Hey, I thought you said she was a loud one; why is she so quiet?" He looked at me, beside H.-sama. 

"Loud one? I'm no such thing and I'm letting you two catch-up." I smiled.

"Ah oh...somebody's in trouble." S.-san laughed. "But, you gotta know he talks about you all the time."

"Really?" I moved my eyes onto H.-sama, whose rubbing the back of his neck again. 

"Oh okay..that's enough. T-kun, you need to rest now."

"Bwah~! I'm not tired, just when things were getting interested. Speaking of which you know~" S.-san tried to yell out to me when H.-sama covered him with the sheets and shouted. "Nurse!!!" 

After a few minutes, we had to leave to go to the shooting. It was fun getting to meet S.-san, truly a lifetime experience I must say. We said our good-byes and exchanged phone numbers, as me and H.-sama were walking in the hallway. I began to interrogate him about all the things he told S.-san. 

"So, loud t-talk about me.....all the time?" I mumbled at him. I could feel his shoulders twitch a little. "Oh, that! was nothing. He's just saying things with all the drugs in he's taking for his leg." 

"Hm..I see."

"Not that I mean that I don't talk about you, it's just that..." He tried to save what he had just said earlier.

"No, I get it. S.-san, he seems really nice, quite dreamy too." I chuckled.

" are you falling for him! After I just introduced you to him. Hmm...I knew it was a bad idea T.-kun always gets the girls."

"I'm kidding. I'm just saying that when I was sixteen I watched the drama, B.M., and I couldn't choose between you or S.-san. Because both guys were attractive."

" attractive say.."

"You're characters ya know. I said characters don't get ahead of yourself. How about you Mister, girls?"

"That was a long time ago."

"Com'on....if it was a long time ago then you should be able to put it behind you and talk about it more freely now. Com'on I'm curious."

"Back when we were like idiots, I guess I sorta liked Yuri at one point, but it would have never worked out because she always loved T.-kun and I knew I could never compare so I just moved on......."

"Wow....Yuri?!? you guys sure have a thing for young girls" I laughed.

"Are you jealous?"

"No I'm not jealous, but I mean it's Yuri, even I thought she was beautiful when I first meet her with her beautiful black long hair and sweet voice." I did hand gestures to symbolize hair and voice.  He looked at me in a weird way. So, I changed the subject.

"So, tell me has Yuri-chan seen him lately?"


"You know Yuri-chan and S.-san, don't tell me you don't know." 

We both get into a taxi, on our way to the movie shoot. "So, what I was saying earlier....oh don't know about it?"

"No. I do actually and T-kun did ask about her before we left, his hospital room. It seems she hasn't came to see him since their last encounter. How do you know about this?"

"How rude, me and Yuri-chan talk, but what about you huh...did, S.-san say anything about their "encounter" to you." I air quoted the word encounter then crossed my arms. He shrugs and makes himself comfortable as if he's going to tell a story.

"Oh really, actually T.-kun doesn't talk to me about those kinds of things. Well...he does, but not that much. Ah... turn here please."

"Hm...I see now. Oh, are we there yet?"


"Why don't you have a car? I mean you work and don't say just because you live in the city."

"Okay, I didn't want to seem like a big shot, but I do have a car."

"Eeeee.....I don't believe you." We get out of the taxi then enter into the back, where there are camera's and costumes arranged. We get separated when H.-sama's manager swifts him away to show him to his trailer and script. That's my Que to go and do something useful with myself, I walk over to Yuri-chan wearing headphones and sipping a cup of coffee. 

Day 4:  A- Movie Shooting


"Ohayo~! Shouldn't you be at school?"

"Oh, today is Foundation Day at school so, everybody gets to skip class. By the way, Oneechan you look very cute today." She winks. Yuri then takes the tray of water bottles and towels, and gives me the one with the towels to serve to the crew and actors. I take off my coat and slip on the white plastic gloves they handed to me then pick up the tray with great pleasure. 

We walk into the opening where there are extra's and staff on the side hiding from the sunlight that hits the set. I start on the left and Yuri on the right, till we meet each other on each side. I make small talk with some of the people on hand asking me if I was from here. The set was too beautiful for my eyes to resist, it had clear blue and white skies, a large green screen, and mini houses that captured the miniature figures that looked like, puppets. I tried to touch one of them and the lady with a chip in her ear told me to walk away. 

So, I moved on to the costumes that were dazzling, there were businessmen and housewives. It looked like, some kind of city meets urban type of environment. I returned to the sidelines where me and Yuri stayed put, and awaited the next scene for Yuri told me that H.-sama was next. I sat on the chair and wiped away my sweat then kept quiet and patient as the camera's rolled. H.-sama was wearing a business suit then later changed into house clothes, his supposedly "girlfriend" onset was a try-hard newbie. I hated the site of her stroking his arm and hair like, she was petting a dog. 

At one point the director yelled out "CUT!!!" and everyone paused. He said that there was something missing and looked around the room then pointed at me. "You!" He pointed. "Me~" I pointed at myself and H.-sama was trying to figure out what the director was thinking. He said that he wanted me to play as H.-sama's little sister in the house scene. Before I could say no they took me away into the changing room slipped me into a pink dress with a white lace apron. I came on set and they showed me my lines and to my relief it was only one "He's moody again." then to spit my tongue out at him and he does the same. 

When they started to roll, I took a deep breathe and went to my position where I was supposed to be washing dishes, H.-sama came through the door and asked what was for dinner, before I could answer he shut the door on me. That was the sign for me to say my line, I was graceless, klutzy, unskillful, and amateurish. But, everyone began to clap after the scene for that was what they were looking for, it wasn't all that bad for my first time in a movie, though it was just a short role. Even, H.-sama complimented me before he went back to his trailer to change.

After that it was back to duty, I gave towels to all the actors on hand and congratulated them for making a perfect scene that only took forty-five minutes and one take. Though I had absolutely no idea  what they had just said. They thanked me back and suddenly I was the staff favorite, but one girl and her posey, a group of lady extra's didn't like the fact that I was stilling their thunder. So, when it was my turn to go on their side, we exchanged dirty looks. I each gave them one towel and the girl complained that I gave her a dirty one. The whole production stopped to stare at me. 

I grabbed her towel and checked it again and it was clean, completely and utterly clean! "You lie!" I shouted. The more the fuss and chatter I could hear around the halls, she counter attacked and took her friends towel and threw it at me. "How dare you call me a liar! I'm one of the top actresses here in Japan and you call me a liar!"

"Well...I'm sorry, but I'm not from Japan! So, I don't give a damn and you're towel is clean." I could hear all the gasps and "O" shaped mouths that formed around the atmosphere. When I was about to be taken away by security, because the lady with chip in her ear ordered me to be removed from the set at once. H.-sama came to my defense, he ran as soon as he saw the commotion. He came and asked what the problem was and the girl said in an annoyingly matter "H.-kun, this girl gave me a dirty towel to wipe my face with. Obviously, this girl doesn't know how to stay in her place. She called me a liar!" 

"Is that true?" He looked at me. I couldn't imagine my rage when he didn't believe me at all! "No. It's not true, did I call her a liar, yes. But, that's only because she yelled out that the towel I gave her was dirty to begin with; when clearly it wasn't." I thought he would take my side and understand like a good boyfriend would do, but no.....the only thing he heard was "You called her a liar?" I was hurt and humiliated, I took my gloves off and got my coat. "Bye, Yuri. I'm outta here." I walked out the door.

Yuri followed after. "Oneechan! wait~" She ran in her petite heels and cutesy dress out in the open in the gray and yellow road. I stopped and sat on a little block on the ground and kicked the can that laid in front of me. Yuri came tippy-toeing holding her heels on the sidewalk leading up to me. I wiped my tears away and smiled at her. "I'm sorry for all the trouble. Does you're feet hurt? here let me take a look at it." I kneeled down half way when she grabbed me and hugged me. "Oneechan, it's alright. Don't cry~ because I'll cry." She began to cry a little, I laughed at her. "Thanks. But, I think I just want to be alone for awhile." 

"Oh, I see. Well...if you ever want to talk about it just call me."


"Okay~ I'm going back now."

"Go! Go on~ Yuri-chan and arigato." She left and I sat back down again, taking deep breathes. Thinking, I blew my chances of going to the photoshoot later on. and H.-sama's manager is probably apologizing for the inconvenience I've been. I ran my fingers through my hair and I could see three male teenagers walk towards me in a suspicious matter. I mind my own business and start for the nearest restaurant. I walk even faster and they begin to follow me, one of them catches up to me and asks me a bunch of questions as him and his friends circle around me. I get ready to take my pepper spray out of my purse when I hear a deep voice, tell the young men to get lost. 

They walk away, I then turn around to see, H.-sama and there he is sitting on the chair. I sit down as well and play with the handle of my purse. He reaches out for my hands and I pull back. He looks the other way and pulls his hand back too. We stay silent for awhile and let the breeze pass us by. I finally, look at him and he's all sweaty and looks as if he's been running maybe, even looking all over for me. But, that's not certain if he did or not. He looks at me and asks "So, are you going to talk to me now?" 

"As, I recall I'm a liar." I looked away again.

"I'm sorry for earlier. But, you have to understand I needed to know all the facts before I took sides. This is my job A.-chan know I have a reputation to protect."

"I know that. I'm just saying that you didn't believe me nor did you even try to defend me. I maybe strong on the outside, but I am very sensitive in the inside. If you haven't noticed, and watching you accuse me of something I didn't do in front of everyone was both hurtful and humiliating. I know we may not know much about each other and we're just starting to go out, but would it hurt for you to let go of that ego of your's and take your girlfriend's side. I have never meet such a selfish person in my life." Oh shoot! my tears began to flow down my face. 

"Wow.....if that's what you really think of me. After you ran away, I proved your innocence and apologized for the commotion, told my manager that it would never happen again so, that she wouldn't kick you off the team, and ran for half an hour all over the city looking for you. Am I selfish, maybe a little, but you have to understand from my point of view. If I say or do anything reckless I cost damage to not only my image, but the whole production and I can't risk having the tabloids covering what happened." He takes his hands and places them on mine and looked into my eyes. "Look at me. Am I that selfish...I'm sorry I can't be the guy who you want me to be and I'm sorry if this is how my life works, but I just want to tell you, here and now that this is real and I am one hundred percent behind you. Trust me."

I could feel my hands engulfed in his. I wiped away my tears and smiled at him. "Did you really run around the city to look for me?" I held on to his big hands. "Yes. It was very tiring, but it was worth it. It was a like a treasure hunt and I was the leprechaun." He explained.  "I was the treasure." I giggled. "It's pathetic, but I'll take it." 

"Oh, that's good." He sighed in relief. 

"I'm sorry for the trouble. Should I go and apologized to that girl?" I asked. 

"Nah..I don't think you have to. She was lying so, you did nothing wrong." 

"Ah...that's good. Cause, I don't want to." I said. He just laughed at me. The waitress came out then cleared her throat. "Okay, lovebirds. If you guys aren't gonna order, then you need to leave." We got up and headed back for the set. I wiped his forehead with my handkerchief and dried  his sweat to avoid him from getting sick. The waitress just rolled her eyes and placed the chairs back to normal. She even called me a drama queen. I looked back, but H.-sama moved my head forward and told me to keep on walking, because it wasn't worth it. But, deep down inside I wanted to bitch-slap her so bad. Next time, I told myself.

We walked back to the set and everyone was looking at us, one by one they all apologized to me. I couldn't believe my eyes, I was shocked. I mean even the girl and her posey apologized. When they started to roll again, I went to the side and asked Yuri what had happened while I was away. She told me that H.-sama shouted at everyone and threaten that he would quit the production if they didn't agree to the terms he wanted. I was surprised at the news, that when I watched him work onscreen he looked completely innocent, it was hard to believe that he actually did that.

Openly speaking, I have never seen him that way, in short I have never seen him loose it before. I've never seen him angry, frustrated or anything. Maybe, it's because I haven't known him for that long, but I wanna see the ugly in him. I don't know why, he hides it from me. But, I was determined to make him angry like the Iron Man when he poked the Hulk to show his other side. The movie shooting ended and everyone celebrated, oh....but not us. The whole gang and H.-sama team had to leave for the train at Miurakaigan Station, off we went. I had to sit next to Yuri for the whole ride, because H.-sama's manager wanted me to keep my distance from H.-sama. 

It was funny, because he ended up sitting next to his manager that when she fell asleep, she drooled on his shirt. It was hilarious and interestingly disgusting, the whole crew took pictures and videos of it. Poor H.-sama had to go change in the bathroom and I volunteered to help him wipe off some of that human saliva that was on him. We got back and she was standing right in the middle of the train and ordered us to go back to our following seats and to not go to the bathroom unless it's girl and girl and boy and boy. Yuri-chan and I just laughed it off and made imitations of her from our seats. 

B.- Photoshoot(First Location- Oura-Kaisuiyokojo)

After a nap, we moved onto Keikyu bus for about fifteen to twenty minutes. Then exit at Shourin and walked for fifteen minutes till we finally, arrived. It was exhausting, I literally felt like I was walking the Great Wall Of China. Once it was all over and we finally got there we had all our bags and checked into the hotel. We were given a specific time to unpack, change, eat snack, and rejoin with the team at the beach. Around five o'clock sharp, I came downstairs with Yuri. When we got to the beach, the photoshoot already had been in session, H.-sama was in a light blue and white plaid shirt, white pants, and sandals. I sat on the blanket with the crew and just enjoyed the view of the beach and wind in my hair. 

It's been ten minutes and the whole crew was done for the day. They packed up all their equipment and headed back to the hotel to feast, while me and H.-sama walked in the sand as we watched the sunrise go down. By ten o'clock, the stars were out. It was marvelous, I always wondered what the stars would look like from beach. We shared a big blanket that H.-sama stole from the hotel room and sat in the sand, everything was quiet and perfect with my head on his shoulder. Before we could go any further I told him something important, something that I felt inside and that I needed to tell him.


"Yup. Is there something wrong?"

"No. There isn't, but that's just it." I took my head off his shoulder.

"I'm not following."

"I don't want to move to fast yah know. (I moved out of my position and sat in front of him) I'm just not there yet to being as a real couple, I want to get to know you better, before we get all the more mushy..." I played with my fingers.

"Yeah, sure. There's no rush."

"No. But you see there is, I'm leaving at the end of the month or even the week, depending on my parents. So, I just-"

"Don't worry about it, just enjoy the moment." He said and just as we were about to kiss. It was eleven o'clock, a firework exploded! We quickly jumped as the whole crew ran passed us. It scared the hell out of me. They each held a firework in their hands and watched it explode into the air. Even Kayawe-san ran and fell into the sand, the mood shifted so, we tried to join in. 

As, the fireworks were on display, I noticed that Yuri was missing. I told H.-sama where I was going,He insisted on walking to my room, but I insisted he satayed and relaxed a bit, besides it was a girl thing.  And left to go back into the hotel to my room. Walking upstairs and into the elevator I felt better that I had told him how I felt. It was a huge relief and that he understood, and that if it wasn't for that darn firework we would have had our fourth kiss or fifth, I think. I don't know argh~!! counting is stupid.

I exited out of the elevator, waling in the halls and tripping over useless things yet killing machines, chairs and tables. I decided to take off my shoes and run instead. So, now...I'm running in the halls and I bump into someone, right before I could fall, a hand catches me and I apologized to that person. Looking up and it was no other than D*** the band!!! My head was full with "OMG's" and "WHAT's" that I didn't have time to speak to that person who was still holding me, asking me if I was alright. The light faded and I saw their faces, H., M, K, I, and lastly J.. It was them, I got up from my position and nodded with my mouth wide open and a grin so, big that you might mistaken me for the joker, if I had red lip-stick all over. 

They asked me again, if I was alright and I finally spoke, but only this time in Korean. "Ah~ ye...." I bowed. They all said in chorus "Woh~~!! she can speak Korean!" and I heard I. say "It's been a long time, since we actually met a Korean from Seoul." I laughed in dismay and corrected him. "Actually, I'm not from Korea nor Japan. I'm American...I just sorta picked up and learned the language back in my teens and it just stuck with me."  They didn't hesitate and continued to ask me questions like, "What is your favorite dish?", "How long are you here for?", "What's your name?" and etc.. There were too many questions and I couldn't understand them all at once. So, I answered the most easiest question I could understand. "Annyeonghaseyo...chanun Ajeuli imida(Hello, my name is Ashley)" I think I got it right.

By their response of saying "Hi" back I think I did. Time passed and we've been talking for a few minutes and I still haven't checked on Yuri, so I told them that I had to go and it was nice meeting them and all and stuff. But, I needed to go somewhere. I did though take a pic with all the members and one alone with J. hahah I'm so evil  (^0^)  But, I didn't care, I mean hello, fan, I was so distracted by them that I accidentally slipped and said that me and my best friends were  obsessed with them. For Nicole it was I., for Mika it was K., my sister H., and Me J.. But, the highlight of that encounter has got to be when I. like totally asked if I had a friend and I knew my best friend would freak~!!! and more thing.....when J. caught me before I fell flat on my face and when he asked if we could get coffee sometime. But, I was in a rush that I had't answer him even though it was a group thing. But still....urgh~!!! why did I have to fled the scene. 

I could have asked them if they were ever gonna go back to Korea or if they could sign my album CD of their single "LADY".....I tucked it back into my purse and got out my key to open the door and when I opened it I saw Yuri on her bed, laying down. All this time she was asleep..... darn it I missed another opportunity. I closed the door and closed the shades and changed into my under garments, when she woke and started to cry. I ran to her, asking what was wrong and she looked at me and yelled "S.-kun....". Right there and then I knew that she fell asleep not because she was tired, but because the poor thing had been crying her eyeballs out the whole time. She looked terrible, but I didn't want to tell her that.

I rocked her back to sleep and she told me that she was too much of a coward to go back and see him again and that she tried multiple times to go into the hospital, but couldn't. I told her that it was okay to be a coward, sometimes we just need time to get over that person. No matter how many month's, stalking, and texting him over and over again it takes. She looked at me and laughed, I told her I have watched too many Romantic Comedies and I'm finally living one. She then asked me if I could sing to her and I did anyway....I couldn't say no to that horrible face. Besides, Girl, I sang her the song that's been one of my all time favorite's "Just Give Me A Reason" by Pink Ft. Fun:

"Just give me a reason"
"Just a little bit's enough"
"Just a second we're not broken just bent"
"And we can learn to love again."

I sang the chorus and that was it, she smiled to me and said that she liked the song, but it was too sad for her and she started to cry her eyes out even more. I mean I didn't know what else to do, but leave her alone, but before I did I gave her a hint to call him up and talk it out. It's obvious she wants to know how he's doing and S.-sama wants to see her so, why not just talk over the phone where they don't have to look at each other. I dialed him on the phone and she took a deep breathe after I gave her the phone, I hopped into my bed for some good nights sleep. 

Before, I went to bed I got a text I again expected it to be H.-sama so, I woke up to text him "Good Night", but apparently it was an unknown number saying "Good Night and Sweet Dreams" I check ed down at the bottom see if there was a clue like, a name or not and there was, it read D*** member code. Code? I thought to myself.....before I could text him or her back, Yuri-chan began to speak on the phone meaning it was light's out for me. I just asked "Who are you?" and took my phone under the covers...soon it vibrated and said one word or more like one name or syllable....." J."

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