Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Miss me?

It's not as bad as it seems, I mean it's actually pretty good. My Mom bought me and my sister a Nook and a DSLR camera and the boys a Nexus 7 and for my Dad a HP computer. So, everything's great including the fact that Nicole's vacation is coming soon and she'll be coming home . Yepee~!! We'll go all hang out, I have so much planned.


Moving that aside, You all know that I've been stressed out lately, about my sister's prom and dress, now that it's over the night was dazzling.

How I reacted when I running around trying to take a video of my sister dancing. hehehhe At one point I covered a Grandma, but I asked if she could see and she was cool with it.  *(>,<")*

My headaches went away, I had a few cups of soda which made me very hyper! I was literally running back and forth in heels in a nice dress too with my make-up fighting to overcome my sweat on my face, with two phones on each hand while watching the program. And, that was just before the party started and Mika wasn't there yet. After the amazing numbers and peoples remarks about Cathy's "gorgeous" dress, it did exactly what it was made for to complement her long legs and broad yet not too broad shoulders.

This what I look liked when I told Cathy to do the pose. She never did it. hehe

Too bad she was too embarrassed to do the Angeline Jolie pose. I said hello to the choreographer who also taught us our Cotillion, Ballroom, and Candlelight dance, last year. He was ecstatic to see me, we talked about whose prom was better and he told me that my sister's prom looked ugly because they didn't spend a lot of money and there wasn't enough students, how my sister was the most beautiful girl out of everybody with her tiara, it was a nice touch and she stood out a lot. Hehe I told him I had designed the dress and my Mom made her wear the tiara so she would look different from all the other girls and he said it was a good choice.

Hhahaha no reason this is just what I felt when I saw them. hehehe

Just before I talked to him, Christine, you know the girl who bullied me and I hate her for it. Were like fr-enemies, fake it till you make it baby~ it was so awkward because it was just like back in highschool. They talk and talk and I fake laugh and smile and nod and barely say anything. That was before Mika came, I even asked Kuya Jelo(Choreographer) why he wouldn't say hi to Christine and them and he said that he didn't want to because he doesn't like them. Huhuhu Funny~ Anyway, I ignored them..till they yelled out from the second floor to the first floor to me. I was so surprised.

How I greeted her. 

I went up anyway and said hello and Christine said whatever she was saying I didn't understand her, but I'm pretty sure she asked me if "It was my prom?" Because I was formally dressed. They said that I look the same and I said you're still a bitch and laughed along. I went down when it got boring meaning around after one minute. It was fun too bad the boys were not interested in watching Cathy perform when they were just there in the canteen sitting and playing on their psp's.

Tuxedo Buddies

 It's cute because me and my brothers came in black and white and Jarod wanted to wear a bow tie or neck tie. Our theme tuxedo buddies, hehehe the morning though it was stressful we had fun and even made a cheer for Cathy. When Mika came everything just came together, except Cathy's party. I mean they had an empty dance floor, cool lights, and party music. I was ready to get up and dance in the middle to start the dancing. Anyway, Mika fixed my make-up and I thanked her a lot for it and Cathy said it was cute of us to do that in front of everybody hehehe I guess we were like girls getting ready in a bathroom and asking each other "Is my make-up okay?" and stuff. heheheh

Oh Yeah~

Then since we ignored Christine and Jem and walked the other way, they slowly came up to us. Suckers~ and it was like Mika just transformed into something else. I was amazed heheh in a good way, but it was annoying how she hit my eyeglasses on face and gave me a scar like the last time she punched in the stomach. It hurt again~ oh well, horse play! We stayed and drank water and stuff..."Dance!" okay we had to leave early because Mika wanted to and I thought that nobody would dance with Cathy if I was there so, we left and at home Nathan made me watch this deformed Indian kid he had parasitic parts in him. I was disgusted, but I didn't change the channel till I knew he was okay after the surgery. I'm scarred for life.


Heehehe I guess that means I'm Adam Levine

 I take that saying very serious know, because apparently after me and Mika left, Wallace had confessed to my sister. My baby sister!!! had been confessed too, I didn't go run for the hills and say "Fuck my life" instead I screamed from the top of my lungs and congratulated her. I mean finally those two know how they feel. I looked like this when I heard the news~ but the news doesn't stop there, they danced over and over again and through four or five songs. So, romantic I'm so proud of those two. hehehe

I have no words~ *tear*

But, Cathy and Wallace just decided to be friends who know that they like each other, "close friends". Because my sister said that she couldn't date, have a boyfriend, and she even brought up the racist card and said that my grandparents esp my Grandpa and my Dad and well...Me. So, that he would back-off a little I mean been classmates and friends since kinder and then liked each other for three years, and finally when they're gonna part ways he confesses and to tell you the truth he said "Maybe, when we both go back home and run into each other in the streets in California, then we'll get together." aaAAAAHHH! I'm so happy.


They even have a freak'in picture together and prom hadn't even started yet. heheheh AIYEEEEE!~!!! I was shocked how mature she has gotten, but then she comes home and then it all goes away. I just wished Cathy wouldn't have involved me and say I was racist, seriously that girl.


I was so quiet while I was eating with them. (Cathy's classmates)

Sarah, my sister's best friend/childhood friend/my family friend was turning sixteen on Monday and so, she invited us to a slumber party. It was a lot of fun we got to eat a lot, watch scary movies, hang out with Wigi(Wallace's Best friend/Sarah and Thayja(cathy's friend's) and Cathy's former crush). He's okay I guess, he's not that handsome and well...he sorta acts like a PGG(Potential Gay Guy). It was great staying there for a whole two days, I left relieved and stress-fee, because Ate Azi(Sarah's older sister) it's always nice to see her. 

It was a little awkward, because it was their first slumber party together and I could feel the awkwardness, some of them were on the phone with their boyfriend's, on the ipad on Facebook while my sister and Sarah were watching the movie along with Maria(Sarah's little sister) and I was on my computer talking to my Mom, because she bought the camera and everything. 

I really believe I gained a few pounds, because the food was amazing best party ever~!!!! Then we through water balloons at each other and it was so funny, because Tracy(Cathy's friend/classmate) through a water balloon at Sofia(Big Friend of Cathy/classmate)  and it rebounded or bounced back and onto the ground. It was hilarious. Haha But, I honestly after eating all those snacks and stuff I literally felt like...

Hehehehehe I haven't done that since I was a kid and Hello~! No, I did not literally. 

Then I got to meet my niece I guess, because Sarah's auntie and a "B__" (My last name) dude who came from Paete, Philippines, and I have a lot of people who might be related to me, because they shared the same name as my Grandpa. Even Grandpa don't know who is really related to him, because my family from there was a bunch of gold-diggers who used to show up to our houses saying that this is another "B___" and stuff. 

Stranger Danger~

FREAKY~ stranger danger...yeah so they had a baby girl and now me and Sarah is like in-laws now. She's so freak'in adorable, I love babies though I'm really scared of holding them. I had bad experiences, I swear to god I always see myself like a tiny vision of me holding them then tripping then they fall too. I just hate it. But, man that baby looks like my family alright..big Asian eyes, chubby cheeks, and is pretty big for a baby. heheh 

Our Mistake..  (~>.<~)

Then at night time, my gosh Sofia is so big her ass was literally where my face was and I moved then all of them moved and I had little space and because we watched The Grudge, I was scared of the stairs where I was sleeping next too a little bit and when Maria joked that she might also pop-up in the dark place where the toys are freaked me out and it was so cold because we told Sarah's mom that it was already hot that we didn't need it then around eleven it got cold like really cold...Our mistake.


One place I rather be... :))

So, as you know it's almost March here and that means Foundation Day, Final Examinations, Graduation Day, Cathy's B-day, Takeru's B-day, and Lolo and Lola(Grandpa and Grandma) are coming back home. So, I'm gonna be really busy soon, I've been trying to find the urge to type part 6, but it's just not happening yet..I mean I have it all written down, it's just the typing part. I'm not there yet...well...ready. I need motivation. Yesterday, I cleaned my grandparents room and finally it looks beautiful, but it's not done yet and  there's still more things to be done.

I feel a little new and tired at the same time and I even had a dream a cool dream, but it involved Haruma Miura- san even though I stopped liking him like a few months ago. Oh well, so yeah and I was writing it down, but I got lazy and while I was at Sarah's house and everyone left we agreed to have a sleepover at my house and watch Friends with Benefits without skipping any scenes and my sister is totally against hrhehehe Sarah was just like deal let's do this thing. hehehe I'm so excited. I got my friend back hbehehehehe and she introduced me to this website Wattpad and I'm like addicted to it right now hehehe

So, yeah that's what happened it may seem like only a little, but it was a lot. Trust me :)) here's a pic of my Nook and the boy's Nexus <3 facebook="" hehehehe="" my="" p="" status="">

Can you say spoiled?

Thanks Mommy ♥ Always gives us the best hehehe It feels good, hehehehe i told my Dad that "So, this is what an OFW kid feels like." heheheh Nah~ I'm kidding, but seriously with my Dad's permission hehehe I can say : I GOT A NOOK AND THE BOYS GOT A NEXUS BITCHES~!!!!!! hehe *excuse use of words* =))))


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