Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Location: Spaghetti House

On A Budget------->Me: Beef Teriyaki  and Coke
Mika: Fries(Appetizer), California Maki and Chocolate shake(?)

Location: (Right) Mika's House, (Left) Old High School


(Right): I'm wearing a pink t-shirt, black cropped top, with a purple and navy blue sleeved shirt, shorts,        
blue socks, black and white striped hat, B.A.P. necklace, and all-star shoes.

(Left): Mika wearing a Mickey mouse sweater, blue and white dyed print jeans, Superman necklace, and Adidas flying shoes(red and blue and white)

Inspired look: Infinite H, Me: Hoya; Mika: Dongwoo

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