Wednesday, February 20, 2013

One Word, Three Letters


BABIES~~!!!!!! No, I'm not calling all the babies in the world, I'm calling all the B.A.P. fan's/fangirls out there. I mean I've always loved B.A.P. no doubt about it and I literally thought in the beginning they were just a bunch of guys with the same hair color and another Korean rookie boy band. But, bou have they proved me wrong and in a few day's I was B.A.P.-ed hehehe as I like to call it. 


Their new songs stay in my head and their voices just make me thing of them imaginary stripping me (excuse my metaphor and use of expression). I can't help if they make me feel like this, I was also so proud that their new MV, "One Shot" was filmed in the Philippines! Once I heard about that I was like what! when! I can't believe I missed them. 


I've been to busy with EXO-M lately that I've been neglecting my like most favorite boy band to date(besides: Big Bang, TVXQ, and DGNA). I'm very picky when it comes to my boy bands. Music and hot guys who can sing and rap is no joke. Haha I'm kidding, but still I downloaded each and very song and MV that was released. As, we speak I'm converting them to Mp3. :)) 

My favorite video so far is Rain Sound, then Stop It then One Shot. Why? simply because they finally took that darn cast off the makne's neck. Sorry if I don't really know their names..I'm more focused on their music that's why. Anyway, the other thing I loved the video and the real reason why I love it, is because each and every one showed this uniqueness in them.


I really felt their situations and emotions that they were supposed to feeling. The art and background just blew me away. The dance too was cute too, like the one I'm showing above I really I love that part. Then awwww though my favorite is the main vocalist...but Zelo's side smile just URGH~!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't explain how I feel. imagine me and my sister watching their music video then he smiles and we act and as though there was a touch down. 

List of  New Songs:
  • Rain Sound

  • 0(Zero)

  • Punch

  • One Shot

  • Coma 

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