Friday, February 15, 2013

No Shit~! Glee Is Back!!!!!

Okay, so instead of watching How I Met Your Mother S8, I decided to watch Glee S4...and I was so happy I did. OMG all those bombs that fell through the sky..I mean you would never ever expected it.


  • Rachel and Finn in the beginning?!?
  • Kurt and Blaine doing it in a car. O.O
  • The fashion was AMAZING~!! I love all the pink: My favorite has got to be Rachel's dress
  • Ms. Pillsbury singing fast as the speed of lighting.
  • Mr. Schue getting left at the altar..*OUCH*
  • Quin and Santana getting freaky..oh yeah (Love those two)
  • And, when Quin and Santana both flashed their I.D.'s and acted like total bitches. I gotta admit one day that will be me on Valentine's Day and I might probably fuck a woman one day, just saying. I've always wondered and experimenting hmm...I don't know. I'll let my future self take care of that. Woo~ I finally said it. I've been meaning to say that.
  • Marley and Jake still the same with a bit of Riley in the mix. He just can't let it go...I can't say I blame him though. Stupid Jake that's for letting you're bestfriend do all the mushy stuff for your girl when it's so freaking obvious that he's trying to forget her, how blind can ya be. Puckerman's seriously.... >.<


  • Ally, my girl~! She and Artey hitting it off... hahaha match made in heaven and yes her melons are so, big I swear that her legs look smaller than her upper body. I hope these two get together. I ship them so hard.
  • LOL! Then Sue wearing the exact design of Emma's dress hahaha that cracked me up. Especially when she walked down the aisle.
  • Then Betty throwing the petals at the people hahaha 
  • Iconic moment: When Kurt said "What did you vapor-raped my ex-boyfriend?!?" hahaha LOVE IT
  • Too bad I didn't get to see what happened to Mike Chang. :-( Get back together with Tina already ad I thought they were...What's up with that.
  • Then Brody possibly being a "prostitute" that freaked me out, but I sorta expected that. Because he always keeps in shape and besides it's the face. He's too open with his bod too.
  • Then Rachel and Finn doing it and they might get back together...I'm in! Finally, it felt like the old glee that I know.


  • And, finally Rachel....*sighs* getting pregnant~! I mean since she "did" both Finn and Brody in one night. I mean that's a lot of action for a Jewish girl and ya think she would use protection at least. Anyway, moving on I mean I hope it's Finn's. I literally thought after she had been fucking Brody and he turned out to be a prostitute, that she might get AIDS or get knocked up by Finn. And I stand corrected! I guess the creator didn't want her to have AIDS. Hmm....Rachel what happened!?!? I'm so pumped for the next episode that I just searched for a promo of it. hahahah I'm a total addict I know. 

There yea have it folks, what I think on the latest episode of Glee. Finally, a step-up and more like a wake up call from the boring Marley-Jake thingy that's been going on lately. I can breathe again,hope you love the episode too. It had got to be one of my favorite episodes of all Glee seasons and episodes. :))

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