Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Highlights and Nightlights

I just want to apologize for not being able to post interesting stuff on my blog lately, I do regret some of them. I mean I know I took a very very long break to get some inspiration into my head, it wasn't easy too. I tried lots of things like movies and etc., but it was no good. Now I have a little bit that it brings me headaches from thinking too much. I even had to take advil before bed just to make them go away. 

So, over the weekend me and my family rode a jeepney going to Calamba to go to the mall. It's not a big mall, but like those medium sized malls on the way to the city. Anyway, on the jeepney my motion sickness was activated like Natsu. The smell of the smoke and the stop and go motion on and off was just waiting for me to vomit at anytime.

 I tried listening to music on my shitty earphones, but it finally broke down and it was embarrassing because I didn't know they can hear the loud music. So, instead I put it away and decided to take a little nap. I woke minutes later and it just got worse and nobody had candy! Good thing that we got there in time for I was gonna hurl. Inside it felt like home to me..I knew where everything is just like in Mall Of Asia. 

My Dad left it up to me to get us to KFC and we walked out of the department store and into the front of the mall and walk all the way just to the end and turn a left and there you are. It was complicated because they're were lots of people, Cathy said it was because it was rush hour. So, everyone sitting down was taking their time and just watched us stand like idiots and wait for them to finish. 

I found a table, but there was a woman who asked a waiter to clean it for her family and I had my bag on the chair, it was a real battle and in the end I lost. I felt rude and stuff when she called me "Miss" in order to move my bag. I've never done anything like that before...that's why, I mean that also happened in the department store too, I cut in front of a lady and she called me "Miss" again. I let her go before me of course. 

I still feel bad and have a sickening feeling about that. When we finally got a table the food took forever, but man when it came we didn't waste any time and dug in. It was so delicious...I  was excited for my mash potato when I looked to my right side up parallel to my coke it was gone! and I looked at my Dad who had mash-potatoes on his plate and two tiny cups on top of another. It was so obvious that he took mine. 

In time me and my brother made a deal that he could have my fries if I could have his mash potato. It was a sweet deal. After that delicious lunch, we went our separate ways..Dad and the boys and me and my sister. My dad gave us money mostly on Cathy's part because she didn't have much money. We both went to National Bookstore, because for some reason I was really concentrated on buying what I needed, but not what I wanted. Trust me it was the first for me, we went in and I bought Barron's Painless Spanish book second edition. 

I was stuck between two good Spanish books and one Japanese one so, it took awhile. Meanwhile, Cathy entertained herself with Korean books. I finally chose one and saved my money, while I was walking up to the counter to buy the book..I saw a dancing ice cream in a cup, McDonald and the gang and many more. They were dancing to thee same kind of music that me and Cathy danced to for our Hawaiian inspired tribute during our school's Foundation Day.

It was fun..everyone started to dance and I danced along. I ice cream looked like an addict and that was the funny part about it. After that we wen to the department store to buy my sister's prom make-up. Yes, we may of Estee Lauder, but my sister wanted BB cream for her face. I too was a bit curious about BB cream, but knowing nothing about it. I was a bit conflicted when I saw the price, which I ended up paying for. Some thing about she wanted it, because it actually works and that's what the Koreans use for their face. 

Ehehehe another secret~ Me and my sister plan to go to Korea  one day and steal their face and skin secrets and to Japan to steal their hair secrets. In the near future though heheheh moving on that's when we bought that and the counter accident with the other lady happened. After, we bought what we needed that meant shopping!!!! But, I didn't feel like a crazy blonde chick going shopping with paper bags filled of clothes and shoes in each hand. 

Unfortunately, this girl felt like everything was too expensive and it was partly true. I had money, but very price was ridiculous and jewelry please...I have so many of that, that it takes up half of my dresser and drawers. Then we hit the movie place still in the department store...everything was for babies till I saw the new Sparkling magazine. I never actually bought a Sparkling magazine before, because the people who I like was never in there. Finally, when it said Infinite and EXO, I was like buy this for me. 

Since, my sister owed me for buying her make-up thing. After that we walked around to very movie store and saw some K-pop albums like MBLAQ, Wonder Girls, 4minute, and etc. when we finally got hungry we went to the Super Market downstairs and saw hot empanada's, baby back ribs, and pastries. The part that I loved most was when we saw the beautifully cut salmon and  sushi. I told my Dad about it, but he was too concentrated on having money for going back home. 

When we finally caught up with them, we told them about the food and how we ran into Cathy's bff and how I want Starbucks with my name on it. I know that sounds childish, but the last time I ordered Starbucks was a billion years ago and the girl spelled my name wrong. She spelled "Astley" not "Ashley". In the end we got everything and went home happy.

Over the past few days I've been stressed with the outcome of my sister's prom dress. It was nothing I had expected at all, my Mom think's so too. I was very disappointed with they have done. The colors were not what I have intended to use, they did not do any bead work so far as to prom is already on Friday, and let's just say it looks like shit and it's not even altogether just yet. I mean this is not what were paying five thousand for. It looks cheap and I would have expected more from them. 

For some reason I couldn't say all these things to them, because I don't know why. Maybe, when it comes to saying things to elders I chicken out and never say a word and just go with it. And, that's why I apologized to my Mom and she said that it wasn't my fault. Speaking of fault..I told my Mom about how I felt with putting up with my sister's act. I always have to make sure she's doing her thesis, always put her outfit together, always clean after her mess and how to exhausting it is. 

My Mom apologized to me and that surprised me and she said that she was very disappointed in my sister. So, now I guess I'm a little but off the hook and not on my mom's bad list. But, that all changed when my brother Jarod ran out of school and stayed in a computer shop for an hour and had everyone in school looking for him. My mom's furious with both. I gotta admit it's about time that they get taught a lesson since, those two have been getting away with a lot of things.

And, that concludes most of what happened over these past few days, besides the fact that I studied the first lesson of my Spanish book an it says painless, but boy did that thing give me a headache and also that I have Part 6 in a saved message in my phone and all I need to do is type it. Then I recently watched Wreck-It--Ralph and it was amazing. I loved every bit of it. And, that it's almost time of the month and that probably explains the frequent headaches and eating like a total pig thing.

 Plus, last night me and my sister read this expose and stuff on K-pop artists in real life and it sorta got annoying when the girl began to get all defensive over what people were saying when clearly entertainment is for entertainment. Not to be tossed around like a bunch of which one is better Star Trek or Star Wars. It's like that and so we closed the tab, but it was pretty interesting because she knows a lot and was nice having the scoop into who was real, who was gay, and who was fake. 

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