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Sept. 25, 2013

Hey, fellow Panda's :) 

I know it's been awhile and you've sorta been waiting for this post and trust me, I do have a very a good explanation for it. I'm going to show you guys where I went for this year's fieldtrip. I hope you guys choose to come here someday. 


The place is pretty decent, it's like being back home, but beware of all the old folklore going around like, the many mountains around the area. People, say that nobody goes up there, because that's where a magical fairy who protects the forests lives there. I got that information from my tour guide in the bus. Trust me, she was new and her English was horrible.

She got us lost multiple times! and we were almost late for everything that we missed the awesome Nayon Pilipino show. :/ A major Boo!!! All in all it was nice being away from the choir and having fun with my other friends for a change. The whole time I was with Unni and Ate Vanna and the others. It wasn't so bad, because we had karaoke on the bus! LOL My department head which is practically an old man was singing very very old songs like the ones that your grandpa sings. XD 

It was super cold!! and not to mention how many people kept on feeding me. They were giving me they're snacks though I didn't eat much, because of my motion sickness. Yeah! It really sucks when you have that. Also, the choir kept calling me haha... asking where I was and stuff. See? I'm a very important person. XD haha.. It's always fun when I'm around! :))

We said some crazy stuff like me, my sister, and my professor XD 

Dr. Caluza: Pagkatapos ko magcheck ng attendance bigay mo ako yung mga snack nyo ha. (Meaning to say after he checks each and everyone's attendance we have to give him a snack! >.<)

Dr. Caluza: Tara!!! Papunta na tayo sa heaven!!!
(LOL We were all pretty psyched to get a move on, when all of a sudden he said "Come on! Let's go to Heaven!" We all stopped cheering and were like wait! what?? ^^" Oh, Dr. Caluza XD)

Dr. Caluza: Ito para sa lahat nagtutulog.
(While, he was singing, he actually dedicated some songs to the students who were sleeping it was pretty hilarious)

Me: Ksi sa tingin ko kinakain ng tyan ko yung tyan ko.
(LOL On the bus, we didn't eat much and I was starving! So, I told my friends that I think my stomach is eating my stomach. XD Yeah, I was that hungry.)

Me: Dapat yung bus pupunta sa atin ndi tayo pupunta sa bus.
(I was mad at the time that some of my friends got lost and the bus just kept leaving us behind and parking where it said it wouldn't be. Like, seriously!!!!! So, I complained that the bus should come to us not us go to bus.)

Me: Next time dikit dikit lhat tayo ha pra wla mawala. Back to Back.
(Some of us got lost like I said, because of the bus then some got separated on the way going to the bus. So, I told everyone on the bus that next time we should stick together, back to back when we go into the mall or anywhere.)

My Sister: Hoy, next time wla iihi ha.
(LOL Cathy told everyone to not pee next time. Because this couple got lost on the way coming back from the bathroom. We almost left them! that's how bad it was, because the mall was closing the time they got lost.)

Destinations/ Itineraries 


This factory ships all it's products throughout the U.S., Europe, Japan and etc. 
They're teddy bears aren't so bad just really expensive! haha.. They remind me of FAO Schwarz, one of my favorites! :))

This horse-y was amazing to look at! Pegasus is that you???

I have a big fear of spiders and not to mention gigantic ones!!! I didn't take a picture with that stuff toy. I was like, stuff toy or not I'm not getting near that thing!! 

Yes, I felt like Harry Potter hehe 

Imagine these stuff toys cost 450-500 pesos!!! I mean there wasn't even a panda for sale. Very disappointing :/

Hey yo!!! It's almost Christmas and well, this was the very first display of stuff toys that we saw when we went to the second floor. It's amazing how beside it was a display of different kinds of patterns and false fur that they used to make the teddy bears. :))

Panda Wonderful!!!! I was WonderStruck!! hehe I wanted to still one and take it home. ^_^

Cathy took a picture of this and well she was a bit dirty minded  when she saw the picture haha..

Happy Feet!! :D

Brother Bear :3 

HAHA... Yeah, she went bezerk posing all over like the animals were about to attack her. If you ask me they look like they're wondering what the hell she's doing. haha XD

Posing with my favorite animals in the world! Bears *.*

LOL this is me and my friend!!! haha.. Noah's Ark. I felt powerful and I just couldn't resist on posing like that. 

Freaky!!! It sorta scared me huhu..But, it's pretty cool

LOL I guess my weirdness is contagious. XD haha

Me and Unni!! :3

@Nayon Pilipino

To be completely clear on this one, It is Filipino History all in one place. If you want to see, replica's of the places where Rizal lived and other historic spots. Mostly, tourists can enjoy the way around this place. Lots of culture! You can also buy wood carving, which I did for my grandparents. Then, the best part! I'm talking about the native filipino tribes and they're houses. :D It was awesome to go in one and see how they used to make their bed with the many warm wood shavings from their carvings.

They take a lot of pride into they're plants. I'm telling you this place has all the sites. I didn't get to take a picture of most of the sites, because my dad was too busy taking pictures of my brothers and well, these are just some of the pictures I got. :)

@Dinosaur Island

Let, me  be honest this place was semi-awesome. I liked the fact that there were a lot of dinosaurs, but why are they all hidden?? Then, the dinosaurs sorta sounded like elephants courtesy of my sister, because every time a dinosaur made a sound she would copy them. Then, in the museum Cathy was so rude commenting that it was obvious that the bones were fake. Like, seriously just enjoy the show!! :)) LOL it was funny, because one of the tour guides called us "Onion-ites" instead of "Union-ites". Then the other the old man mistaken us for highschool students and he really didn't believe us when we said we were college. >.< 
Not again!!!!

You could actually feed the T-Rex! Then at the end we watched three dinosaurs dance to the funky yet catchy tune "Gangnam style". It was hilarious, because one of my friends got hit by one dinosaur's tail and when we asked her if she was okay. She yelled out "Do it again!!!" haha, but that wasn't all there were even rides. Unfortunately, due to the rain and lack of time we had no choice but to bail with mud all over our shoes!! 

@SM Pampanga


And, that ends my wild fieldtrip :))
Hope y'all can make it there soon!! It is a great experience.

Your's Truly,

Stay Sweet!!

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