Friday, October 25, 2013

DOTS & STUDS: My Outfit for the UC Gothic Black and White College Acquaintance Party ♥

Oct. 4, 2013
Occasion: Gothic Black and White College Acquaintance Party

Mainly, this is the outfit I bought during my fieldtrip in September @ClarkPampanga. My apologies if I'm only posting about it now I've been through a tough emotional breakdown. Anyway! This is no time for wasting my sad stories on you guys. :)) The studded necklace/ collar, I bought at the store across from the shop where I bought my dress. I forgot the name of it, so sorry! ^^" I know I had it all saved, but I think I through away the paper bag it was in. Boring!!! Moving on!


This dress I only bought for only three hundred fifty pesos @Jewels (TIP: If you're gonna search it try looking for Jewels Clothing Corporation on Facebook), surprisingly it was on was on sale. Everything was on sale! Lucky me! HAHA the tag sorta freaked me out a bit with a price of five hundred fifty pesos. I was ready to spend the last of my cash on it too! Though, the cloth wasn't my ideal taste. I loved the design and the way it was cute, but not too revealing and a little bit of bubbly with a touch of daring. It screamed my name and I just had to buy it! And, so I did. 
After that, I was hands on ready to party! :))

Your's Truly,

Stay Sweet!

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