Saturday, October 26, 2013


Oct. 23, 2013

Taking A Break.

This was the first resort we went too, it's pretty close to my friend's house and the entrance fee is pretty cheap around 70 pesos. Although, it looks pretty nice and nature-y it still is under some major changes. I guess its obvious plus! Its a new resort. :)) 

Too bad we didn't get to swim though, the whole place was rented for a birthday at 12 o'clock. My friend's mom was really pissed! She complained that next time they should put a sign that there will be an occasion going on and that they're not expecting or accepting any walk-ins.  Anyway, I enjoyed the view specifically it helped me relax and release some stress. :))


If you look down there's a baby turtle in there :))

LOL I couldn't resist!!! hahaha..(The Ring)

I felt like EPIC walking on the leaves. ^_^

@Hanging Bridge

It was moving!!! Like, seriously!! The metal kept on moving as we walked and it gave me a major headache!! I gotta admit I did feel like Dora haha XD Then, my friend's mom got hit on by these two old geezers at the bottom of the lake. T

hey were cat-calling and whistling, the funny thing is! That, my friend and my sister thought they were calling out to them, because we were in shorts when all of a sudden i heard one of them say "The one in Pink!" and I stopped for a second to check who was wearing the color pink then I have noticed it was my friend's mom. We literally felt like puking, it was just wrong!!!! Off-limits!!! and So uncool!!!! 

LOL My friend's mom just like, because I have more sex appeal then you kids. HAHA Can you say scarred??? XD

@Pagsanjan Falls Lodge

So, this resort is pretty old like ancient! I guess. XD It was my first time going there I was terrified and not at all what I expected. I mean I've heard from the news and well people that every year somebody dies there from drowning or whatever. Yeah!!! I thought the worst things ever!!! But, I looked at it and it's not so scary actually it's all fine. Hehe.. 

This is were the "Rock Story" happened and also waving to random tourists. :)) I had fun though I spaced out a lot. I gotta tell ya, I practiced my swimming skills, finally!!! hehe... I can swim in 6ft and 7ft now! :D But, I still almost drowned like at least 2-5 times haha XD Who cares!!! I also got to do the Butterfly Stroke of Anger!!! :) Yah! That's right I got muscles and toned legs now! And, I finally got to wear a bikini though I'm still insecure haha.. 

The Hanging Bridge from afar

Riding a jeepney to my friend's house. I took a picture of the new mall near town, "Areza" It's still under construction. It seems enticing, but I'm not going there till there's a department store and a  theater!!! hehe.. and maybe even some fast food restaurants, please!!! >.< hihi On, the bright side I heard they already have Watsons and Robinsons :D

Then a sleepover at my house to end the day!! :)) 

Your's Truly,

Stay Sweet!!

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