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Yo Yo Yo, I'm back!!!!! Hehe ^_^ Did you guys miss me? Anyway, this is an update from long time ago, but I decided to still post it; because it would be a waste of edited photos. JOKE! haha XD This here my dear Panda's is when I went to my Bestfriend's house in Pila, Philippines. :))

Hitting the Spots 

1.) The Back Vineyard 

So, My Bestfriend, Nicole a.k.a. Nic Nic, has this awesome vineyard at the back of their compound. They have vegetables such as Eggplant, Tomato, and etc. .

**All the pics are real especially the first one, do not confuse it with a post card hehe. Ya! It's like that beautiful.

2.) The Park

The park was so much fun, as we got to catch up and feel the cold windy air through our hair. We talked about all sorts of things like the events happening at school to the major douchebags and mean girls who pounce on us. We literally like to get it all out in the OPEN. HAHA Get it? Epic Fail I know, but it really gives you the sense of freedom because you can talk about anyone outside and nobody will pick up on your conversation. 

3.) Food Trip!

We didn't actually do a food trip, because of limited time and most importantly the truth, limited money haha. I personally needed to save my money for us to get to school later that day for choir practice. Anyway, I took some pics of some random, but oddly interesting old styled restaurants. 

**I couldn't exactly get the front of the castle, but from what I read it was just a pizza place and also a Motel. It looked really nice when I went inside, it looks reasonable. A night with their Knight in Shining Armor, anyone? :"> Yie!

**The hardest decision ever, What to eat? 

On the Menu:

❤ The Cupcakes 

**That day wouldn't have been complete without the proper cutting of the taste buds at nothing, but what else a Cupcake shop..As, Nic Nic loves cupcakes!! She could die for one just saying HAHA XD 

**Personally, I ordered the Strawberry Cupcake, because Hello! Strawberry! Who wouldn't buy? But, it turned out to be just food coloring. So, when we got out of the shop we were just like the "The Fuck! it's food coloring Ew!" I know I'm promoting them and bashing them at the same time, but I can't lie to my Panda's and say it tasted great. Oh yeah, one more thing it was a bit dry. I don't know about the other cupcakes, but for all I know that one bad cupcake was bad juju.

That's all for that day, Panda's!! 
Stay tuned as there's more to come~ :))
Remember, Stay Sweet! 

With Love, 

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