Saturday, September 28, 2013


Have anyone of you guys heard about Darna? or Pedro Penduko? If not..Me Too! Wuahaha XD This is actually for the "Buwan ng Wika" Event at my College. Because, it was Filipino Week one of the competitions was to "proclaim" cosplay as Filipino comic characters. At first, I thought it was pretty lame, but after realizing some of my good friends were in there. I jumped to cheer for them. :)) Enough of the talking or reading, shall we?

The Runway Walk 

The Contestants

1.) Darna

2.) Cassandra, Warrior Angel

3.) Faye ng Enteng Kabisote

4.) Sabina na Majika

5.) Panday

6.) Pedro Penduko

Group Photo

Epic Fighting Moments

My overall conclusion over the Pinoy Cosplay, is that it was very interesting. I found myself screaming at the top of my lungs, because of all the risky outfits and cool personalities. They were just so brave! Like, Darna's  mishap of a fighting scene; while she was changing into her outfit and all the guys were blocking her like supposed to beat her up instead it look like she was getting raped because it took too long. 

Then also with Panday, is background sounds and effects were way too off and over that the guy couldn't even keep up. All I can say bravo! What a show! And, Congratulations to the winners!!!:D

Last, but the least, The Winner:


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