Sunday, April 28, 2013

UPDATES: Because I had a good day :D

April 27, 2013

Slightly awkward, because I haven't been in actual contact with guy in a whole year!

So, the other sister's bestfriend/my childhood buddy, Sarah; came to the house and barged right through our room haha it was epic! I literally felt like I was going to have a heart attack, because I was right in front of the door when she opened it. Anyway, she came in and spouted out that Kenny Cheong(Sarah's thesis partner) a.k.a. who I like to call e-i-ong(in code) because hehe Sarah likes him and he likes her too, but they always fight and look like a total couple but problem is he's a player(have never seen him in action) and she's like a man-hater of sort.

Moving on, we down invited them in for water since it was so hot, but Sarah decided to bike instead(such a kid hehe), Sofia(she owns the bike and lives near us) came in and drank lots of water because she was hella red! HAHA And, last but not least Kenny Cheong! I don't why but I guess its a habit of mine calling him by his full name. He refused to go in, because he was shy and two because he was afraid of my Dad and grandpa!

Good thing my grandpa was sleeping..hehe and my Dad he was cool with it he had to go buy snack anyway. I introduced him to my Grandma and she didn't really mind well half mine(so strict >..<) but, yeah then my grandma told to tell Kenny to take his shoes off, because that's disrespectful if you don't hehe and he blamed me for not telling him sooner, I just apologized and went on..and then before he could even reach the water Cathy had poured Sofia decided they leave and walk to her, in the end he never got to drink water. When all them chibi's were leaving while Kenny was putting on his shoes he kept on asking me if I wanted to come, though I said it was awkward because they're all Cathy's friends and I might be the odd ball out.

He kept asking and asking me from beside the gate because hehe I was already inside the gate ready to close it. In the end, I ended up going along because he kept asking "Why would it be awkward?" Man a total playboy! Haha but no he's really nice. I thought he would be a jerk like he is at school, but I guess not. He actually walked with me when Cathy and Sarah stole the bike from Sofia and went all Juju Island(It's an island in South Korea, I say this because when they ride the bike: Sarah's driving it and Cathy's at the back standing and the last time they wore matching t-shirts so they looked like a couple and they mostly forget about other people hhaha plus they are often mistaken as lesbians by the elders here) on us.

We talked about basketball and how happy I was when I felt the breeze even though it was so hot here(you can literally see the heat wave) he even told me as a snare comment that I don't go out much and that was it. I was really shy and quiet, I get that way when I feel like a small person. because, Kenny is like as tall as a freaken tree! Like when we went there to Sofia's house and we were gonna eat snack, I saw the refrigerator and asked him to stand next to it and he was like taller than it! It was scary yet really hilarious because me and Sarah were making fun of him. I asked him if his secret was Cheriffer hahaha or whatever you spell that.

So, at Sofia's house we got in and saw Cathy's other classmates: Andrei(my talkative and funny buddy), Keil(who grew taller, actually still handsomer as ever..what a perv), and Ivan(the guy who asked me a bunch of questions about rappers when we were eating snack). It was fun we laughed and talked a lot. I felt really happy..I haven't laughed like that since, I changed. We ate Sopas(soup)~Wherein I couldn't eat right because the guys kept on making me laugh and talk a lot. They seemed very interested in me since, I haven't seen them or had an actual ongoing conversation with them, especially with Ivan.

Then came the Bayabas(a kind of fruit), and since, I hated it so much I didn't eat any, but Kenny pushed me into it again! And, didn't want me to bite a new one so, he gave me his to take one bite and I did. I still hate it, but I guess my expressions were funny he laughed and continued eating it. What a weirdo~If I wasn't like this because it's been a long time since, I have ever had actual contact with a guy!!! I would have been like "What! Do you like me?" Good thing too, because he would have hated that! URGH!!! see now I'm thinking about his feelings, don't worry I used to like him when I saw him on the first day of school, but now not any more, it's funny because me and Sarah always end up liking the same guys!

We have good taste, but yeah it was nice. One of those better days that i had, because just the day before that day I was  really down and bothered with something. It's very personal and that's why I was really really down to the core. But, Holy Fart Balls! I never knew I would actually feel that feeling in awhile~that little itty bitty tingly feeling under your skin. It was so warm and soft like electric currents prickling over my spine and more...but it's just a feeling. I was definitely surprised that he was nice to me, and even more surprised he kept me company. So, that's dude, your a real pal!

Oh yeah, one more thing..because it was so hot and I also forgot to put on my deodorant that day..I was really stinky I think! *facepalm* But, Kenny's powerful scent was so amazing I could just live off it. I'm trying to say is that his pheromones smelled great!

April 28, 2013

Going to mall to buy sunscreen, and that's all we bought.

We went after church and also, lunch at McDonald's with my Grandma and Granpa we all ate Big Mac's hhehehe and there was this skinny balloon of Ronald McDonald looking like he went on a diet! and the face was so scary looking haha. Then to the mall but, actually we were supposed to go to the mall after church to go watch the movie Iron Man 3, hehe Bless his soul hahahah but since Oblivion was showing we just got the movie theaters number and decided to go next time maybe around next week, they said. Then we all huddled up and talked about swimming! Because, Auntie Divina(Mom's BFF also Sarah's Mom) was thinking of going altogether.
So, we set a date and a place and the people were gonna go with and then went our separated ways, Me and Cathy went to go look for the sunscreen and my Dad and brothers went to do whatever they do. Look at TV's or play in the arcade. When we went to the grocery place, freaking sunscreen cost 390 pesos and just for one bottle, both me and my sister got money from our Dad, but we were still short. So, we decided to come back instead and right next to it is this local jean store that makes recycled jeans into other stuff, here's some pics of the store, Ancia.

Though, their material may not feel as good as it should be, but who am I to judge it's not an American brand or made after all. However, design-wise, it's a mix of sheek and party-esck kind of clothes; with a bit of laid back kind of style. Everything is at a good price and within a budget limit heheh. Also, what I really really love! Is that they put a picture of how to wear it or where you've seen it used as a tag on the clothes along with how much it costs. I like looking at it so, much they also sell bags, shoes, and jewelry. I describe the store as, A very trendy local smart small business. 

Of course maybe half if not all of you guys know the store, Leave Land. I really like this store though yet again the material isn't exactly as ideal or as in real leather per se, on the bright'll still be attracted by the cute sandals and wedges they have there. If you go down on the last picture you could see my white and flower print sandal that I bought from them. Next is that blue crocodile purse and boots! oooh~!!! I was showing all the stuff I wanted to buy to Cathy and she said that she could see as to why I was really annoyed and upset when I couldn't buy it. But, What Summer Has, Is Summer Plans! Even if that means spening your cash on something else.

Yours Truly, 

P.S. Sorry if the pictures look shitty, I didn't bring my camera so, I had to use my phone. My pretty old phone. Also, I half watched the movie Mirror Mirror and it's pretty good...I love it! 

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