Saturday, April 27, 2013

Crushes, Revisited!

April 25, 2013

So, last night everything involved church! Like:

Fist scene: i went to church but slightly early then usual, then as i sat in the fourth back row of chairs, i saw the church singers come out from in front of the church, to go to their stations at the upstairs at the back of the church. Passing by, i saw Arvie who i nodded at because we now acknowledge each other as simply good friends, because he now as a girlfriend, huh so jelly~ i have no yet hehe

Anyway, then came Victor, he wasn't my crush, but we were pretty close back in high school, totally one of my guy friends, moving on because they usual wear like long detailed ropes i was surprised to see him lift of the rope and show off his abs to audience, maybe because it was hot! But seriously this isn't the first time i was his body so i just ignored him for being disrespectful in church!

After church, we(my grandparents came and sat on each side, because they don't like strangers getting near me) were talking with everyone and saying hello, my lola asked me why i brought my badminton set in my purse which covered half of the table in front of us and it was obvious that it was definitely not meant for this type of place....but truthfully speaking i didn't know either why? Because performed with the church group dancers i had to go pick her up, the church is a mysterious place....

Because as i went further into the deep halls,i saw this room with a whole in the wooden floor leading to another room and another with a wooden stairs to guide you! It's pretty old so there's like sharp edges everywhere that can scar you all over so you have to climb in like a crab! I managed to get into the third floor and finally saw multiple doors a stairs leading it in......Cathy could be any room! Then i heard music and as the rest of the dance group came out of the room behind him! And you couldn't believe who i saw, it was Shane!

My former crush who i thought looked like Lance Bass and wasn't guy and he was so tall too...i was lost of words then i saw my brothers friend, douchebag E.J. and others too, he couldn't believe it was me either he said i changed so much......with my beautiful wavy/curly black hair down the white dress i was wearing. I completely ignored him and asked where my sister was, i'm such an idiot! Anyway, he pointed downward and i had just came there...the last whole leading into a mirrored dance room this time the whole was very very was a good thing i didn't rip my dress!

He quickly volunteered to go and check if she was there behind the other door. There's so many freaking holes and doors in this place! I commented. Everyone gasped at words i had used after we had just finished a sermon from church. We didn't mind it at all and tried to show off my jumping into the whole and landing on this feet perfectly fine without any cuts. So, he did but the top of his giant head got stuck im between the whole and everyone rushed to help him, but because they were mostly kids. I had to step him and put lubricant on the sides of his head so he could slip right out. And, he did just that and fell on this back then came me and i fell on him too!

All the kids looked angrily at me, and i was still so shocked i landed on top of him and both of us were just lying there when he flipped me over and this time he was on top of me. We just laughed it off as he tried to pick me up while hugging me close so i wouldn't get my dress dirty. My sister came in and asked what the hell was going on! And perfect timing too, we did the pose from gone with the wind! So, embarrassing.  We simply broke it off and i asked her if she was ready to go and she nodded...
Looking at Shane with a disappointed look in her eyes.

He didn't care and just climbed up the stairs first to help the both of us get out, first was my sister than me.....because the kids were angry E.J. was shoving his phone over my face as i was trying to get out of the whole. I quickly took it away from him and threatened to drop it down the whole and it would break, the other kids finally let go of Shane so that he could help me get out.  Finally, i was out of that maze and my sister she was pretty moody so she left me and went up by herself, what a meanie!

I got out and we met in front of the stage, then as i was gonna say goodbye to Shane and go with my sister, he asked me if he could walk me home. I didn't hesitate to say no, because i have never been walked home before except the time when my grandparents and my sister walked at night from a party we just came from. I told my sister she could to home first..and she just rolled her eyes as a good-bye. I came back to him then we were off on his bike. Late at night, six o'clock...i had spent nearly the whole day with him. Because we played in the arcade then we walked at the park and went to go eat lunch at this minnie café.

We were walking with him holding his bike. We arrived without nearly saying anything. We just enjoyed the sounds of the dragonflies and the lights of the nights starry sky. It got awkward when we stopped in front of the gate, because he didn't know how to say good-bye to each other. I shook off the awkward when i put out my hand for a handshake "well this was fun,......we...i guess i'll be seeing you at church then." I felt like i could die inside! I almost said i wanted this to be a regular thing! He laughed to the side and smiled at me.

"Yeah, it was fun. We should do this more often." He said as he gently shook hand leaving the right amount of space in between ourselves. Then right before in was closing the gate halfway, he called out my name. "Ashley!" He leaned to kiss me on the cheek~ "Good Night" He whispered. He quickly jumped on his bike and pedaled away....i stood there standing like an idiot when my sister brought me back to my senses, when she yelled to close the gate. And, that was the end of dream....

Yours Truly,

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