Monday, November 10, 2014


I guess I'm always gonna be that busy bee who takes on way too much for my own good. What can I say? That I love being in charge? I love having people listen to my ideas and actually creating something totally different than the usual norm? It's great and all, but sometimes it comes to a point that breaking down is my calling card. It's what heals me inside when I feel like my mind is full of heated lava ready to burst at any moment! That I end up crawling back up like a baby in despair. I know I gotta lessen the reigns a bit and actually have people take over and let them do their job. It's hard juggling everything putting myself on the line all the time. It's exhausting and quite frankly lonely. I don't wanna be a human assistant for the rest of my life. Because, at the end of the day that's why people think I'm always available even invincible to the fact that I could do anything they tell me to do. I've been a "Yes-Girl" for far too long now, its time I start saying "No."

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