Thursday, November 13, 2014

Space is the answer

She sits there lifeless. Crying on the inside till finally a tear sheds. She thinks about what you have done. She thinks about everything. She knows what she feels anger, sadness, disappointment, hurt...but because she loved you so much she hid it from you. She wanted to give you everything you deserved. Everything you wanted. But inside she was dying when you would light up for another girl or play games with your buddies and come home late or drink away with your professor in her house. Is she wrong to feel so? She doesn't want to hurt you, but in return she's only hurting herself and you in the end with the everlasting fights and misunderstandings. Could this be the end? She wonders as she hears herself say "I'm done" in her head.  She tried to be something she's not, but the truth came out slowly and painfully. It killed her. You killed her. Because, when you ask her these things and she replies "Okay. You do whatever you want." It is not okay and you don't do whatever you want. Because it hurts her. 

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