Sunday, November 3, 2013

UPDATE: LOL still tripping on some feelings actually hahaha..I'm not completely done yet, I guess? Anyways! I've been too lazy to post, but i got sooo many things to show you guys. So, y'all have to wait k! ;-) Gonna enroll tomorrow :)) so excited to see my friends and be back in the classroom again hehe....yeah I'm a nerd XP I guess everybody missed me so much that they all want to have lunch together with me like literally they even said they'll pay!!! XD I reacted like the leech that I am and said "Well if you say so, then take me away!!" hahah but no i want to pay for my own food and well i guess they al want to be updated. I just noticed now who really cares about me :3 Good thing I thanked God today :))

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