Monday, March 7, 2016


Dear Panda's

I know I am not consistent with producing content for my blog, but as you know life seems to happen to me all the time. A lot has happened and I mean A LOT! that my journal can barely keep up with me. I have some surprise posts for you hopefully this week >,< if I don''t get caught up watching YouTube videos. I'm just obsessed with Tati! 

Anyways, I will have that in a separate post. I wanted to tell you guys how much I'm sorry for neglecting my blog and being pretty much a negative noodle about life. It got me all in a swirl that I lost my edge of creativity. It's a working progress since my likes have changed drastically and I'm just trying to piece myself back together and produce content that I will be satisfied with and love. 

Today, what's on my mind is if whether I should put adsense or not on my blog, because I was concerned with you all thinking that I was back for the money instead of my blog, but that is so not true. After reading articles after articles, I have decided to make that extra step forward and just do it! I'm a bit nervous, but I hope you all will understand that I have no job at the moment because I'm a student. 

And, my parents provide us with enough money to sustain our needs, but I want to earn and see will my passions take me. Because who knows ..this might be my full-time job in the future. Well, I think that's enough for now. I have loads of homework to finish XD I'm such a lazy butt these days, but I'll try my best to keep moving for you guys!!! 

Love, Ashley 

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