Sunday, December 7, 2014

Does taking "selfies" boost your self-esteem?

I admit that I went through a major selfie phase back in the day before they were even called "selfies" to begin with. However, nowadays I'm just like "ugh! I'm so ugly" I literally refuse to take any pictures of myself, because I either dislike how I look in the picture or I just think that its a bit too overrated. At often times I get so worked up on trying look all cute that I completely dived into wanting people to like my picture or think I look pretty, because it boosted my self esteem.  But, come there's people taking it to the extreme doing ridiculous things just to take a pretty good selfie. I am so tired of the trend that I literally considered unfriend-ing all of my friends on FB that took way too many selfies by the minute. If you were to ask if it boosted my self-confidence, I would say no. If anything it made me even more insecure about myself and the need to strive for outer beauty. 

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