Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hello, My beautiful/handsome viewers~!! :D

**I know I haven't been posting much and especially my life and also my stories which all like to read, I think? LOL hahahah...but I'm here to post some of my recent but very short lucid dreams. Oh, if you don't know what Lucid dreams or Lucid Dreaming is, you guys should go research it as I did a term paper on it; and it explains all the weird crazy dreams I always have. It's pretty cool~

Johnny Depp Shot Me, In My Left Gastrocneminus!?!!??!?!

In this particular dream, I was in a western era and everyone had cowboy boots on even the the girls! But, I didn't get it how all of us were in JAPAN! Literally, we went to this store where I think drugs were being smuggled in..I'm not sure as to what we were looking for, but we had a grocery list. I wasn't alone as I had two people with me; the first I went to the store I was with this girl and boy who were buying stuff their uncle.

The second time, I went with Johnny Depp with a cowboy suit and accent, Wolverine as wolverine, and this girl who was somehow involved. This is where the drugs came in, apparently they were traitors, bad guys! I couldn't believe how they could have betray my uncle? I know weird, right? They asked for the drugs and I didn't know where to look. In the store I just put random stuff that looked like drugs inside the cart. As, soon as they got everything, Johnny Depp shot me in my left gastrocneminus!?!?!?!

Which bled like crazy! But, it wasn't the end, they made me walk into a train to take me outside of Tokyo and into a western dessert. My leg  has partly coming off and the bullet stuck in there like a bump. I bled and bled, but nothing really happened till we stopped in the bushes, where they left me there to die. Good thing the girl and boy came to rescue me and took me to their ranch. There I regained my strength by taking out the bullet with a pair of pluckers.

They each threw up infront me as part of my skin came tearing off like raw meat off a bone. I myself started to through-up but, dealt with it and took a bandage which my sister gave me to tie it around my wound.I paused, looked up to the sky and I was back in the game; they can't kill me off so easily, I'm the protagonist here!!!... Then the dream ended with Johnny Depp's face as a pirate.

 "OH MY GOSH!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL!!!! Why can't guys from the engineering department or I.T. department like me?????" 

These days I've been dealing with a major case of guilty hate phase. Because, I rejected this "criminology guy" who was the first guy to actually "like" me. So, I've been like shit. It was a pretty good run but, dang was he so stupid and definitely not my type.  I guess I only kept hanging on because of how I badly wanted to be intimate with someone, you know to have boyfriend. 

Oh well, so yeah he still likes me and is having a hard time, because I told him we could still be friends, but just a little space would do. I mean come on, if we just become friends instantly it's like this whole thing never happened. Awkward! I still can't be around him; I avoid him; I don't talk or make eye contact with him; and pretend to be happy infront of him. Because, a good way to win a break-up is to show that you're happy and not affected by it at all. Though, at times I'm so miserable I just listen to music on really really really high volume.

Anyhow, this dream was sorta me getting over him, well at least trying too. There's many other good-looking criminology guys out there and trust me there is. They're all mostly stupid or just plain stupid. My dream started out in the school corridor where I stood by myself, near my locker(we have none at school -_-).
This guy came and gave me this letter and his notebook; he told me to read what was inside and then give it back to him later around lunch. 

I'm not one to brag about guys going all over me, well I am hehe. But, I don't understand as to why they would??? Yes, I'm pretty, but I'm not that smart and neither am I that mesmerizing like other beautiful thin girls. I'm way too complicated >< and weird! Yeah, a guy actually called me weird! And said he regretted ever courting me. What a douchebag!!!!!!! (A.K.A. former suitor), I read the letter then as was walking  into the canteen I was halfway done reading his notebook, his handwriting was just so beautiful. 

My friend, Tsubasa(former crush) in an orange shirt, caught me reading his notebook and took a little peek at it too. Let's just say this thing has sorta a dark feel to it, because I watched the trailer of "Carrie", yesterday. XD 

"Another guy, already????"

"No. This guy, walked up to me and gave me his notebook and a letter. Here check this out."

"Wow! He's got nice handwriting."

"I know right but-" I see him walk towards me.

"So, are you done reading everything?" He smiles at me.

"Yes, I am. It's all very nice, but I don't think I want to jump into another relationship right now." I  gave him back his stuff.

"I see. Well, I think about you all the time."

"Yeah..that's nice, but I just got out of a relationship so-" I paused to look at him from head to toe. He was fat, short, dirty, smelly; he looked like a freakin fat cop who would just eat doughnuts all day.

Then as he walked away, I stared at my friend. "OH MY GOSH!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL!!!! Why can't guys from the engineering department or I.T. department like me?????" 

"Let's just say "you're the type" of all losers." He chuckles. I playfully elbow him in the stomach as "he" walks on by and sees me; I turn to ignore him once again..... and whisper over my shoulder. "We'll never be friends, won't we?"  


*Listen guys, I know this definitely not my best, but humor me please~!!! >< It's hard trying to go to college and keep up with stuff. So, I hope you guys enjoy this....oh yeah and I'm not gonna edit it hahahahah I'm too lazy! XD

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