Saturday, July 23, 2011


You know the song i just havent met you yet.Well I don't know I have been singing this song ever since well when it came out I think found my have-not-met-destiny finally. I think I mean out of One in the million.He likes me and I like him but is this really love I mean long distance relationship is though but the real reason I mean the thing that is hard is the relationship.This is the first time I have actually met someone like him and its all about him I can think of well most of the time.


  1. hahaha. ASHLEY!
    your have-not met-destiny turned to
    have-met-and-so-in love-with-him(right now)-destiny !
    well, good for yah girl.wish you two good luck,
    P.S. : wanna meet the 1st bf of my bestfriend, huh. :)Then gonna rate him from 1-5star.. hihihi

  2. hahahahahaha thanks alot wehuuuu my dad almost saw my post and your comment so i then minimized it hahahaha love ya and i heard no school